gamer lingo

Top 30 Gaming Terms & Slangs Every Gamer Lingo Must Know 2022

The majority of gamers worldwide are familiar with the gamer lingo or slang used in the games they play. In online games, players sometimes find themselves in situations where they…

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cod black ops cold war split-screen

How To Play Call of Duty:Cod Black Ops Cold War Split-Screen

No matter if you play locally or online, playing with friends is always the best option. Additionally, if you enjoy playing COD Black Ops Cold War split-screen with pals, you…

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websites to watch series

12 Best Websites to Watch Series & TV Shows Online 2022

Also, with the development of the internet, watching TV no longer requires owning a television or paying for a cable subscription.  In 2022, a lot of websites to watch series…

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pdf readers for windows 10

14 Best Free PDF Readers for Windows 10 in 2022

Nowadays, the first thing that springs to mind when someone has to access a PDF file is their web browser, as most of them now come with built-in PDF readers…

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tumblr alternative

15 Best Tumblr Alternatives Check Out in 2022 – BuzzTech

There are numerous social media networks outside of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  One of these less popular options is Tumblr, which is a microblogging and social networking site with a…

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free music player

15 Best Free Music Player Apps For Windows – BuzzTech

Everything we do online revolves around consuming material.  When the MP3 came out, it changed the way we listen to and use music. Now that music streaming is so popular,…

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best free android cleaner

10 Best Free Android Cleaner Apps To Clear RAM or Cache 2022

Although routine upkeep is not required with Android, it is a good idea to review your Android phone sometimes.  The best free android cleaner enters at this point.  It can…

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popular google doodle games

15 Best Popular Google Doodle Games You Can Play in 2022

Google has published countless doodles honouring various occasions over the years.  The company that runs the search engine has sometimes gone above and beyond what we expected by making many…

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torrent download

15 Best Torrent Download Sites 100% Working 2022

For the year, the coronavirus pandemic is in its fourth year.  The majority of leisure time is now spent at home, so it’s likely that the devoted BitTorrent download community…

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funimation vs crunchyroll

Which One Should You Get Funimation Vs Crunchyroll in 2022?

Except for illegal streaming, which we won’t discuss here, there aren’t many outlets to select from in the realm of anime streaming. Funimation vs Crunchyroll has the most complete collections…

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