15 Best Media Players for Windows 10/11 PCs in 2022

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It might be difficult to pick the best media players for Windows 10 or 11.  There are a lot of best media players out there, but only a few of them work well.  The best and most cost-free best media players for Windows 10 and Windows 11 have been gathered into a list for your convenience. Users who like to use the best video players may enjoy watching any video they choose without worrying about adding extra codecs or plugins to their computer system. So, how can you determine which tool would delight you the most when there are so many options?  In this article, we’ll specifically assist you in learning that.

After extensive research and consideration of our own prior experiences, we have compiled a list of some of the top best media players for Windows 10 and Mac that can be downloaded right now from the internet.

15 Best Media Players for Windows 10/11 PCs in 2022

We’ll go deeper into each of these best media players programs separately, learn about the features they provide, assess their usability, and finally leave it up to you to decide whether to install a certain tool for your video viewing enjoyment or forego it in favor of a better choice.

Many customers are seeking local music applications that can play their movie and home video collections with ease. So let’s discuss several excellent Windows best media players that you may use. The best media players on this list are strong and work with a variety of file types.  As a result, you can trust this list to give you the best media players viewing experience possible on your device.


1. PowerDVD


With the help of the best media players software PowerDVD, you can easily watch 8K, 4K, and Blu-ray films. Your preferred video may be downloaded for offline watching.


  • It offers a movie theatre audio experience.
  • You can be organized with little effort.
  • You may cast your media library onto your TV using it.
  • Your shared media library is simple to maintain.
  • 40 HD videos can be stored on the cloud.
  • You may share your favorite movie shows with others thanks to it.

2. VLC media player

VLC media player

The VLC media player is a multimedia player that is open-source and cross-platform. It is the VLC media player. Along with playing most multimedia files, this program can also play DVDs, VCDs, and audio CDs. It allows users to see 360-degree films with a resolution of up to 8K. It is one of the best 64-bit best media players for Windows 10 and works with many different ways to compress video.


  • Any video file from a disc, a stream, or a camera may be played by users.
  • Additionally, it supports MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MKV, and WebM.
  • This utility gives the ability to filter video while it is streaming.
  • There is no advertising, spyware, or user tracking.
  • Video decoding, or controlling the processing of video, is faster than using a VLC player.
  • Tablets, smartphones, PCs, and other devices may all use the program.

3. Miro


A video player called Miro was created by the Participatory Culture Foundation.
With this player, you can watch HD videos. It may be used to play videos that have been downloaded from Amazon and YouTube.


  • The WiFi network allows for the sharing of media.
  • A free video player, that is.
  • This video player is easy to use.
  • Effective playback and clip organization are possible.
  • You may convert between different video formats with Miro.
  • It may be used with a computer, a tablet, a phone, etc.

4. GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player

A free and open-source program called GOM Media Player is used to play videos.
Numerous file types, including MKV, MPG, FLV, AVI, and many more, are supported by this program. It is one of the top PC video players for viewing 360-degree videos (a type of video recording where every direction is recorded using cameras).


  • It has a playback and video control panel that is ideal.
  • Users may play Ultra High Definition (UHD) videos without experiencing any lag.
  • This tool has an intuitive layout.
  • This player’s skin is simple to modify.
  • With this best media players for PC, the user can easily import a full video playlist.
  • GOM supports screencast, allowing you to play videos on a big screen by connecting your PC to a projector.

5. DivX


A tool called the DivX video player can play many types of videos, including AVI, MP4, DivX, and MKV.  One of the best media players for Windows 10 that supports UltraHD 4K definition video is this one. This utility allows users to broadcast movies through DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance).


  • You can keep track of all videos with the aid of the media library it contains.
  • A playlist may be made, and it can also be looped.
  • Using this MP4 player feature, you can skip to your preferred scene.
  • You can track your private films and buy them with DivX.
  • It provides free playback of HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding).

6. MediaMonkey


This program, called MediaMonkey, aids users in organizing their video collections. This utility improves video playback and support capabilities. Plugins can be used to increase functionality.


  • Movies and podcasts are both recordable and downloadable.
  • The album title and other metadata are automatically searched for.
  • Users may control videos, films, etc.
  • Connect MediaMonkey for Android to your WiFi network.
  • Video may be synchronized on Android, iPod, iPhone, and iPad with this tool.
  • Play movies from your hard drive, network, or CDs.

7. MPV


An MPV is a media player tool is MPV. It is a GNU-licensed, free and open-source program (General Public License). The video formats MPV and MPEG-2 are supported by this tool.


  • Users have the option to play HD video.
  • It is a program that uses fewer system resources and is lightweight.
  • The video speed may be controlled with this device.
  • Any clip may be opened quickly with this PC media player.
  • supports scripting, such as JavaScript and LuaScript, which allows players to do any player.



An open-source media player that is lightweight is called MPC-HC (Media Player Classic-Home Cinema). All commonly used video file types that are playable are supported by this program. It is free of spyware, toolbars, and advertisements.


  • WMA, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG3, MPEG-4, and DivX have supported formats.
  • You may easily use this free multimedia player on an outdated machine.
  • On any SSE2, you can view movies (streaming SIMD Extensions).
  • It makes it easier for you to edit the footage to fit your viewing preferences.
  • Additionally, this program functions as a DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) player.

9. Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player

Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player

A program created to play movies is called Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player. Various 3D clips are supported by this 3D media player that uses DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA2). This program allows you to play MPG, m2TS, MTS, and MP4 files.


  • The WMDS (Windows Media Dual Stream) format is supported by this MP4 player program.
  • One of the best media players for Windows PCs, it lets users watch live playback from camcorders, TV cards, etc., and convert MTS to MP4.
  • A built-in video library is included with the Nvidia 3D Vision Video Player to save movie preferences.
  • Stereoscopic metafiles are exportable and importable.
  • This PC 3D movie player offers command line control (the ability to launch the player from a command prompt).
  • It supports 3D video acceleration on the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit).
  • Videos can be retrieved from servers that support stereo.
  • Playback of various formats that DirectShow supports (multimedia framework)

10. SMPlayer


SMPlayer is a free and open-source best media players that supports all file types.  The parameters you have entered into this program are remembered.  It allows users to watch YouTube videos in resolutions ranging from 240p to Full HD.


  • A digital stream can be encoded or decoded using a built-in codec.
  • This player’s skin is simple to modify.
  • With the help of this program, you may filter and alter the pace of the video.
  • English, German, Italian, Chinese, and other languages are among those that SMPlayer is available.
  • This program allows you to play DVD videos.
  • To modify clip loudness, it provides an easy-to-use video equalizer.

11. Kodi


Free video player Kodi is made specifically for playing movies.  An interactive full-screen interface is available in this program.  MIDI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 are just a few of the many media types that are supported by one of the best PC video players.


  • It may be used with a broad range of gadgets, including tablets, mobile phones, and desktop computers.
  • Users can play media files from their PC and the network.
  • This Windows 10 video player app makes it simple to import, browse, and watch movie collections.
  • You may fully alter the player’s look thanks to it.
  • This program provides a library of TV series with support for seasons and episodes.

12. All Player

All Player

The program ALLPlayer is cross-platform. The program automatically looks up any titles for the video that is present on your computer.  Numerous languages, including English, French, Italian, Russian, and Japanese, are supported.


  • All languages’ subtitles are available for download.
  • You may use a password to protect your video.
  • You may pick your preferred movie codec using the tool.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface for playing movies.
  • This application is compatible with two monitors or TVs.

13. Potplayer


PotPlayer is a powerful video player with many features that can play almost any file type.  It is one of the best laptop video players because it lets you change a lot of things and also makes it easy to change things.  This program allows users to play 3D and 360-degree videos.


  • Your video management is simple.
  • Smooth video play is provided by this 3D video player.
  • Snapshots allow you to see the situation in advance.
  • You may select soundcards with this Windows 10 video player.
  • You may use PotPlayer to bookmark the scene.
  • supports TV, DVD, and HDTV devices.

14. Plex


You can manage large media libraries with the help of the program Plex.  You may play TV shows, movies, private videos, and a lot more using this application.  You may share movies with your relatives with this app.


  • It works with Apple, Android, Smart TVs, and other devices.
  • There are a lot of movies and television series available.
  • This program lets you stream movies.
  • It offers TV and a live DVR.

15. RealPlayer


A video player for PCs is called RealPlayer.  You may use this program to store your preferred online videos safely on the computer.  You may watch videos in HD by having it convert them into the most popular formats.  It can be used to protect the video’s privacy.


  • Videos can be downloaded rather than streamed.
  • You may use it to download and play videos from well-known websites, such as YouTube.
  • The video can have a pin or password set.

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