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Spammers are drawn to smartphones in large numbers.  There are several occasions when you are bothered by obtrusive calls.  You always wish there were precise techniques to determine if a call was important or not. The best call blocker app for android will perform the function for you if you don’t know how to block unwanted calls. Despite the abundance of the best call blocker app for android available, you can always employ Android app developer to make a one-of-a-kind program. Your best call blocker app for android might be successful enough if you use the right marketing techniques.

15 Best Call Blocker App For Android in 2022 – BuzzTech

Every single one of us has experienced the annoyance of unsolicited calls, such as those made by telemarketers or con artists.  Unfortunately, while some Android phones come with the blocking functionality built-in, many don’t. So, we chose 15 of the most reliable best call blocker app for android. These third-party call-blocking apps can protect your phone from telemarketers and help you identify unusual calls. The list of the best call blocker app for android is covered here!

1. Truecaller


One of the top free call-blocker programs is Truecaller.  It not only blocks the phone number but also recognizes the caller’s details. You may find information like the registered person’s name, his professional affiliations, and his residential location here. More than 50 million users trust it, and it can help you manage calls and messages while blocking unnecessary interruptions. Unusually, it is accessible for sending and receiving UPI payments.  The transactions are risk-free and secure, and they provide a remarkable level of security and a 24-hour support system.


  • Calls, SMS, and chat all in one spot.
  • maintains a clean and ordered an inbox Dark mode is an option.

2. Hiya


Hiya is one of the most effective and free call filters that makes it simple to detect fraud and block spam calls.  This call-blocking tool provides a reverse phone number lookup and is free of advertising. You may use this spam detection feature to see who is phoning you in real-time.  Its 10,000,000+ installations demonstrate the users’ confidence in Hiya.


  • Protection from fake and spam calls.
  • For virus prevention, securely lock numbers in the smart dial.

3. Mr. Number

Mr. Number

It’s simple to prevent and halt spam automatically with the help of Mr. Number, a caller ID, and a spam protection application. According to the New York Times, “Mr. Number is one of the most well-liked applications.”  It won the “Best Communication App” Appy Award. Telemarketers and debt collectors won’t bother you any longer if you use this call blocker and SMS blocker. This application has been downloaded by more than ten million people.


  • You can block calls from unknown numbers and leave voicemails.
  • complete protection from telemarketing calls.
  • Using a smart dialer, check the phone number.

4. Call Control

Call Control

One of the best free call-blocking and spam-text-stopping apps is called Call Control.
It has cutting-edge technology and a smart dial that allows you to block “possible spam calls.” Yes, you can quickly add the contact number to the block list and still have complete protection with call control. With a 4.4-star rating and a user base of over 12 million, it has increased trust to a greater extent.


  • Support for blocking wildcards
  • on-site backups
  • DO NOT DISTURB Mode can be easily scheduled.

5. Root call blocker

Root call blocker

One of the best applications for blocking unwanted incoming and outgoing calls and texts is Root Call Blocker. You become selectively antisocial in situations where you might want to react to calls.  So, avoid annoying, irritated, and prank calls by having access to your phone directly. Do you know that if a blocked contact tries to contact you, you can enable auto-replies?  This is how to avoid being bothered by bogus calls and lead a calm life.


  • The ringtone, LED colors, and vibration settings let you personalize the notifications.
  • You can easily reject the prohibited numbers and block MMS.
  • Authenticated Backups
  • Import large contact file formats into CSV in a secure manner.

6. Whoscall


One of the best and most free call blocker applications for Android is widely regarded as Whoscall. It guarantees a safe and reliable environment for calls to be placed and received without compromising privacy.  This application has more than 70 million users.


  • Automatic update, no advertisements
  • built-in dialer

7.  Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security

An anti-virus and anti-malware program called Norton Mobile Security provides a variety of phone security features. In addition to being a call-blocking application, it offers excellent solutions to maintain all facets of security. However, access to this top spam call blocker app for android requires a subscription.


  • I block prank calls automatically.
  • It provides web protection and monitoring.
  • Mark dangerous websites for safe searches.
  • Send an alert if your Wi-Fi is discovered to be under attack.

8.  Should I Answer

Should I Answer

Delete unwanted calls and messages by using the Should I Answer app. It is totally risk-free, secure, and free. It gives you every piece of crucial information needed to answer an unauthorized call. Each category of a call is rated in this case, so you can quickly determine who is on the other end.  Unwanted calls, telemarketers, and scammers are the three types of categorical calls.  Therefore, whenever an unknown caller contacts you, the ratings themselves identify them. This is the best free call blocker app for Android 6.0 and higher.  The best part about this application is that it guarantees protection even when you are offline.


  • You can choose the level of security you desire.
  • It is user-friendly for all skill levels and contains a dialer with full call history.

9. YouMail


One of the essential applications for visible voicemail, spam filtering, and robocall blocking is YouMail.  Calls can be blocked against any unwanted attack safely and securely. With the highest level of security, over 10 million users trust this program to handle a variety of calls. Sending personalized greetings to a variety of contacts is possible with this call blocker-free blacklist program. In addition, it may save extensive information on voicemail with the greatest simplicity.


  • It organizes and maintains order in your voicemail box.
  • allows for automated text responses.
  • The conferences are simple to host.
  • competently serves consumers and business owners.

10. Sync. Me

Sync. Me

a free call-blocking tool called Sync. Call Me is great for protecting your contacts, caller ID, and spam calls. More than 20 million people worldwide have confidence in this app.  Additionally, Sync.Me is referred to as “The App That Turns You into a God” by TechCrunch. It offers a reverse phone lookup option and the ability to create its own blacklist.  Using a straightforward search function, you can learn who is at the top of your block list.


  • Sync a profile image with your contacts.
  • The call log has been upgraded.
  • The redundant calls can be combined.
  • Record the conversations and deliver a seamless backup.

11. CallHound


Do you know of any applications that let you design your own rules? CallHound is certainly one of them. One of the top free call blocker app for android allows you to block contacts as well as set up rules to ban specific people. When you specify criteria for unwanted and spam calls, this app displays the word “unwanted” on the caller’s caller ID.  Therefore, if you want your own app, work with developers who have experience app development.


  • The numerals are simple to block at any time.
  • It shields users from marketers, spam, and strangers.
  • Social networking accounts can be connected for backup.
  • It also doesn’t require an internet connection.
  • Call Blacklist is available.

12. Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist

The best free call blocker app for android in 2022 is called Calls Blacklist, and it makes it simple and quick to prevent spam calls.  It is incredibly lightweight and simple to use in nature. So, if you’re sick of robocalls and spammers, try Calls Blacklist.  It has a built-in messenger that you may use to prevent messages from being sent to you. Nearly 10,000,000 people have installed it.  When people’s numbers are shared with banks or insurance companies, they use this program as a one-stop shop. Because of this, it now has 4.4-star reviews from customers who are happy with Call Blacklist.


  • A fully working SMS messenger is available.
  • Blocking is simple to turn on and off.
  • to another device, save and import your backlist numbers.

13. CallApp


85 million users worldwide trust the call blocker app for android CallApp, which functions as an automatic call recorder and spam blocker. Additionally, you can personalize the video call ringtones to be informed of what is on your screen.  A built-in analytical feature allows you to look at the length of calls and movies. Top-rated tech magazines have rated this application as one of the best caller ID and call-blocking apps. The greatest and most secure application for your company can be made by hiring an Android app developer.


  • When using this app, there are no advertisements.
  • We are not a third-party organization that sells data.
  • For businesspeople and entrepreneurs, permit secret calls.

14. Nomorobo Robocall Blocking

Nomorobo Robocall Blocking

One of the most reliable call blocker app for android, Nomorobo Robocall Blocking, identifies 1,500+ brand-new robocallers each day. Furthermore, it blocks annoying web advertisements and rises to the position of the best free call blocker app by incorporating additional security features. The Wall Street Journal, Wired, The New York Times, CBS News, and other publications have all highlighted this spam filter for call blocker app for android.  Defending against 2,500,000+ phone scammers, it increases user trust.


  • It eliminates phony robocalls.
  • This gives your sensitive data real-time protection.
  • automatic blocking of obnoxious telemarketers, robocalls, and spam messages.

15.  Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security

The most impressive app to block numbers on the Android platform is thought to be Avast Mobile Security.  As a result, you will be informed if you downloaded a harmful or infected app. You can safeguard your privacy expectations by installing Avast mobile security. This program was downloaded by more than 100 million users as part of their anti-virus defense.


  • Locking apps is simple.
  • You can conceal your private images.
  • It serves as a web protector and junk cleaner.
  • With the premium option, the ads are removed.

Final Words

Each of the aforementioned call blocker app for android is distinct and practical in its own sense. This list can help you if you’re looking for some of the top best call blocker app for android.  The needs of different user categories have been taken into consideration when developing each of the best call blocker app for android. If you want to get your own similar app and want to hire an Android app developer, make sure your goals are clear.  The development team won’t be able to provide you with the required result until then.

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