15 Best eBook Torrent Sites to Download Free in 2022

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Trying to find an eBook but having trouble doing so?  Have you browsed torrent websites?  Uncertain about where to look?  Not to worry, you’ve come to the perfect location to learn about the top eBook torrent sites that provide your research for free. With eBooks, you can read your favorite novels without having to put physical copies of them in your bag.  Finding the best free eBook websites, though, may be challenging. So, you will have to use other eBook torrent sites to get free books in the public domain.

15 Best eBook Torrent Sites to Download Free in 2022

Thankfully, you may get free eBooks from a variety of eBook torrent websites.  Let’s look at some of the top eBook torrent websites available in 2022 in this post.  These websites let you easily gather eBook torrents and are free to use.  If you’re looking for torrents in a variety of genres, you can also have a look at our list of the top torrent sites.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

There is a good chance that your eBook is available on The Pirates Bay because it has one of the largest tracker libraries of all the top torrent sites. One of the most popular websites for fans of ebooks is The Pirates Bay. You can quickly find the eBook you need with a very simple user interface and a single global search.

If your eBook is accessible anywhere, it will be displayed on this torrent site’s index, which is linked to all other torrent sites.  The Pirates Bay, the best torrent search engine comparable to Google, has never let any of its customers down. Even though it has a large eBook library, you can still go to the eBook section and search by title or other search terms.

Everyone begins their searches on The Pirates Bay (which we recommend on the first attempt). Then you may look them up on certain eBook torrent sites.  You’ll need a VPN to access the official domain listed below since the Private Bay website frequently changes domains due to legal difficulties. 2. Library Genesis’ Dedicated eBook Tracker

2. Library Genesis

Library Genesis
With millions of eBook trackers, a simple user interface akin to Pirates’ Bay, and a search box on the front page, Genesis is a standalone eBook torrent site (Digital Library).  It provides a vast selection of eBooks in numerous categories as well as a number of filtering options, including year, publisher, title, author, language, etc.

Since 2008, book lovers have been able to use Library Genesis, which is one of the most recommended eBook torrent sites on Reddit. It offers access to scientific journal articles, textbooks, comic books, and periodicals.  There is also some Russian literature available here. Instead of using torrents, Library Genesis allows you to get eBooks directly in PDF format.  Additionally, it features a LibGen app for Windows and Android.

3. 1337x


Another top torrenting site for ebooks is 1337x, which is also a terrific location to download awesome things like software, movies, TV series, games, and other media. You can ask for an eBook from this site, which is run entirely by users and book lovers who send in new eBooks every week. One of the sites that are often updated has eBooks, comic books, and audiobooks with each tracker being highly seeded (safer) to download.  1377x is a relaxing interface. Most eBooks are available in ePUB format, but some can also be found in PDF.

Other than sorting and searching, there are no filtering options available. To go to the eBook category, choose others from the relevant category area.  A magnet link to download the torrent may be found when you open the torrent.

4. Internet Archive

Internet Archive

The American digital library, the Internet Archive, was founded in the early 1990s with the guiding principle that “information is to be shared.”  About 30 million tracks of eBooks from various libraries are included in its large collection.  An interesting feature: the eBook is available in audio format.

The Internet Archive makes its enormous holdings of digital resources accessible to the general world (comics, academics, journals, etc).  Additionally, there are several customization and filtering possibilities.  You may download an eBook from this site without creating an account, or you can borrow one after registering (if the eBook is paid).

5. TorLock


TorLock is another top website for eBook torrents. It has millions of trusted and verified eBook torrents that are free to download. It is still a one-stop store for everything, including movies, TV series, documentaries, and software, while not being a tracker specifically for ebooks, sports, etc.

While downloading your eBook is simple because of its clear and minimalist design,
This is one of the best torrent sites because it only shows reliable and checked torrents. You can locate TorLock’s dedicated eBooks section under categories. But be aware that there will be some intrusive advertisements before visiting this torrent site.

6. WikiBooks


WikiBooks is the ideal eBook torrent site since it has everything you need in one location and is ideal for students.  As the name suggests, this is part of the Wiki family, which has millions of books and eBooks. A sizable collection of eBooks in several languages, including English, Dutch, French, Italian, and others, is kept up by WikiBooks.

The primary audiences for this WikiBooks initiative are scholars and students.
Pick a language and do a search to get an eBook from WikiBooks with ease.  These books are all from different sources, as shown above.  Usage of WikiBooks is absolutely free and no private information is requested.

7. ZLibrary


The largest eBook torrent site library as of now is ZLibrary.  This has a basic user interface and hosts more than 5 million eBooks.  The best part is that newly released eBooks and articles will be available here, along with over 77M article torrents. The user-friendly ZLibrary interface makes it simple to instantly download the eBooks you want.
Language, format, year, and more complex filtering options are available. You can also email the eBook to your Kindle so you can read it later or download it as a PDF file. They offer eBooks in their category and have an active community that keeps them current.  Additionally, the requested feature allows you to ask for any desired eBook.

8. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg was founded in 1971 to digitize and share eBooks with others. It is one of the first eBook torrent websites. There were more than 60,000 free eBooks available in many different categories. The most popular eBooks might be in the part that gets downloaded the most. eBooks can be downloaded in a number of different formats, such as HTML, PDF, ePUB, and Kindle. Although the UI is really appealing, there is a bookshelf with books arranged by their first letters and eBook thumbnails.

9. PDF Drive

PDF Drive

More than 75 million eBooks are available for free download in PDF format on the well-known public eBook torrent site known as PDF Drive.  The nicest aspects are that there won’t be any obnoxious adverts on the website and that all eBooks are categorized. You don’t need to create an account, and the procedure is quite simple (you don’t need a torrent client).  There is no download cap, but every eBook is only available in PDF format. It continuously updates its library of eBooks through web crawling.



The website’s name, EBOOKEE, indicates that it is only an eBook torrent service.
In fact, the eBook site that is growing the fastest wants to be one of the best eBook sites soon. Although the front page lists a sizable number of eBooks, According to the information, it has more than 40 million eBooks in more than 70 categories, including academics, technology, tutorials, comics, novels, fiction, and many more.
With its categorized sub-system to filter “Top 10,” “Recently Viewed,” and “Recently Added” eBooks, EBOOKEE distinguishes itself from the competition.

Users may rapidly discover their chosen eBook thanks to this. EBookee’s user interface is very simple and free of advertisements.  You may read reviews of the eBooks that are available for download in the comment area.

11. Free Book Spot

Free Book Spot

Free Book Spot is one of the free eBook libraries that has a good selection of books in about 90 different categories. Additionally, you may discover your eBook using sophisticated custom criteria like language, ISBN, author, and title.  There is no intrusive advertising and it is extremely easy to get an eBook from our website with only one click (no distractions). The user interface of Free Book Spot is quite basic, similar to plain text. Everything is categorized in a catalog. It has everything, like travel guides, tutorials, audiobooks, eBooks, academic materials, journals about everyday life, novels, and comics.

12. Manybooks


If you insist on regularly reading new books and want to give away a free copy of your eBook,  The greatest eBook torrent site on the list for you is Manybooks. since every book on our site is entirely free. This includes a big collection of paid and unpaid eBooks (50K+).
ManyBooks’ user interface is appealing and dynamic.  You won’t find the most recent eBook titles on this site since it doesn’t support privacy.  However, some purchased eBooks will be offered for free or at an incredibly reduced cost in comparison to other websites.  So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a chance at least once.

13. Planet eBooks

Planet eBooks

Planet eBooks is a great place for fans of classic literature to find great eBooks in a number of different formats. It’s a world filled with enduring classics filled with eBooks that will entice you to read more. The best thing about this website is that it works well on mobile devices, and this eBook title has more than 50,000 eBook titles right now. While these well-known eBook collections are available for free download, Multiple formats of eBooks are displayed on the interface.  At least once, every eBook enthusiast will test this torrent site.

14. Books Share

Books Share

This website has a very simple and clean user interface, which makes it extremely easy to navigate.  The display of the book’s page count is another distinctive feature of this website. In addition, Book Share will include a summary of each title in its library.  Since millions of visitors consistently visit this website, it has been on the list.  The key requirement is that you create an account before you begin downloading any content from this site.

15. Free eBooks.net

Free eBooks.net

Another eBook torrent site worth checking out is Free-eBooks.net, which has eBooks neatly categorized into genres including fiction, non-fiction, academic, classics, etc.
You may publish your own eBooks here if you’re a writer or author. Every eBook is available in PDF format, and its UI makes it simple to find stuff in one location.  Additionally, all you need to join our site is your email.

Top Picks for the Best eBook Torrent Sites

We think that The Pirate Bay and Project Gutenberg are the two best eBook torrent sites out of the ones that were already listed. Both have a large number of eBooks that can be downloaded, and they are easier to use than other ebook torrent services. To avoid legal issues, you should use The Pirate Bay with caution and avoid looking at the illegal content.

Additionally, to keep oneself safe online when torrenting, we advise using a VPN.
So, we’ve put together a list of some of the best VPN services out there. Check out our post on how to accelerate your ebook torrent downloads with only a few easy actions if the torrent download rates are excruciatingly sluggish.

FAQs about eBook torrents

Why should I utilize eBook torrent sites?

There are many websites where you may get the eBooks you want. However, using eBook torrents lowers the risk of damaged downloads, which can happen with regular eBook downloads.

Downloading eBook torrent: Is it safe?

The torrent file you’re attempting to download will determine this. If you download pirated eBook torrents, there is a higher chance that they will also contain harmful software.

Will my Kindle support eBook torrent?

Yes, you must locate torrents that provide eBooks in the KPF or EPUB formats—which are advised—in order to obtain eBooks for your Kindle devices.

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