Top 20 Font & Fancy Text to Level Up Your Designs 2022

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Want to use fancy text fonts? See this selection of gorgeous premium decorative fonts for some inspiration! Whether you’re making an announcement for an annual work dinner or building a website for your wedding, it can be hard to find the right font for the situation. Many typefaces make reading difficult in order to add more flourishes, while others just blend in. How do you differentiate yourself in the design world? Despite the fact that too many designers are lured by the trendy minimalism trends, some designers are discovering the amazing advantages of defying convention and using excellent fancy text fonts. We have a fantastic selection of beautiful fonts for you today to improve your work. Use elegant, fancy text fonts to improve your designs and awe your audience.

Cool fonts, swashes, and embellishments can help you add lovely characters to your projects. No matter what kind of design you like, these premium typefaces will make your work more interesting and give you great results. Check out this list of the best decorative fancy text designs that you can find on Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Top 20 Font & Fancy Text to Level Up Your Designs 2022

We designed our fancy text generation tool to be simple to use. It is a dynamic tool that changes the text you type into more than 80 different styles right away. Websites and social media platforms only let you use their default font. You can’t change it in any other way. Using our tool with simplicity and interest, you can dazzle others with your interesting remarks and profiles. We’ll showcase 15 fancy text fonts that you may get for your WordPress website to aid you in your quest. Each will give your posts and pages a distinctive style while still adhering to design best practises. Let’s get going!


1. Cormier Art Deco Font

Cormier Art Deco Font

This ornamental font is perfect for you if you like the Art Deco design. Cormier is a crisp, lovely typeface with Art Deco influences. Rough, double, and regular are the three ornamental font styles available for the typeface.



This stylish fancy typeface is not for the timid, this stylish fancy text typeface. It is intended for people who are clear on their goals and unafraid to stand out from the herd. This geometric display typeface is the only place you’ll find a design that is so well balanced and has so many details. Additionally, Mojita has you covered if you’re seeking fancy ornamental number fonts. Its numerals are just as elegant and eye-catching as its letters.

3. Swashington


Swashington is a serif typeface with a vintage aesthetic that can be found among the fancy font alphabets at Envato Elements. Consider using this one if you want a fancy text letter W or classy letter S font. Swashington is a fantastic option when you want to create text that is eye-catching and has a lot of flare and flair since it has a fantastic selection of swash and ligature variations.

4. Sheiral Script

Sheiral Script

Fans of elegant letter S fonts, take note! Looking for attractive tattoo fonts for tattoos? The Sheiral Script is unsurpassed because of its lovely, flowing strokes that mimic handwriting with a flourish. You can’t live without a fancy text script font.

5. Vallely


This Art Deco-inspired typeface is suitable for labels, titles, and any other situation where you want your text to stand out, such as as a tattoo ornamental font. With over 350 glyphs and variant characters included, you can create a plethora of beautiful fancy-number fonts with this font.

6. Outistyle


Do you need letter T fonts? There are two variations of this fancy text cursive font: a script and a highly textured brush look. This appealing mix results in a cheery and enjoyable typeface. This wonderful ornamental font’s inclusion of swashes and accents that you may combine to create your own unique designs is another fantastic feature. Use it on merchandise packaging, T-shirts, posters, and more.

7. Hagen


This fancy text font, which was inspired by avant-garde fashion, is available in two weights: heavy and regular. Simple fancy fonts with distinctive flourishes and accents, like this serif font, are a huge hit for posters, T-shirts, and signage of all kinds.

8. Ilana Bloom

Ilana Bloom

Ilana Bloom is a fancy text resource if you’re seeking samples of decorative calligraphy fonts. This sleek, contemporary, and feminine typeface was hand-lettered and has swirls, swashes, and letters. The fancy typeface alphabet is ideal for use on invitations to weddings and other events, logos, etc.

9. Tropical Summer Font

Tropical Summer Font

The fancy calligraphy typeface Tropical Summer lets you produce custom text for significant projects by providing alternate upper-and lowercase characters with lovely flourishes. This is also fantastic if you enjoy fancy text T. Create logos, text for greeting cards, and other special tasks by using straightforward fancy fonts like these.

10. Funkies Bold Script Font

Funkies Bold Script Font

Funkies are a throwback to the 1970s, namely. If you want to produce text for T-shirts, posters, book covers, packaging, etc., you should use this fancy cursive font. You could spend hours trying out all the different style options, style sets, swashes, and ligatures that cool ornamental fonts like this one give you.

11. Extraordinary


Extraordinary is a fancy script font that will give your logos, titles, or signage a distinctive look. It is handwritten and has a lot of flares. To keep things as remarkable as the name suggests, it provides a great range of ligatures and variants.

12. Moon Line Script

Moon Line Script

Are you looking for distinctive tattoo decorative fonts? Take into account the delicate Moon Line Script, which not only makes wonderful tattoos but also lovely text for branding, clothing, greeting cards, and much more. If you’re also looking for decorative fancy text number fonts, this one might be a good choice because it has a nice variety of ligatures and other options.

13. Morning Glory Font

Morning Glory Font

Our next typeface is another magnificent creation with Victorian influences. The Morning Glory font is a clever spoof of old-fashioned fashion, politics, and creative branding. Use it for a variety of wonderful crafts, including old books, clothes, and posters! For those who want their numbers to stand out, here is another fancy text number font.

14. Pathways Font

Pathways Font

Sometimes the route you need to follow is the one lined with antique furnishings. Pathways is the perfect mix of charming, handwritten script letters and old-fashioned style. If you want a fancy letter T or a fancy letter W, try it. This typeface is clear and easy to use, and it comes in three different ornamental font styles: round strokes, square strokes, and rough style.

15. Burnts Maker Font

Burnts Maker Font

Messy letter creation is much more difficult than it appears. The Burnts Maker typeface is crucial for every designer because of this. With quick, hand-drawn lettering, you can customize your favorite T-shirts, record covers, and festival posters. Use this fancy script font to embrace the hipster street vibe.

16. The Crow Vintage Style Font

The Crow Vintage Style Font

Designers often get ideas for complicated typefaces from well-known stories, and this fancy tattoo font is no different. This is the fancy letter T you want if you like it. It was made to look like old types, and it has eight fonts that are all different and have interesting features. Use this letter T font and other great fancy text fonts on books, posters, and more!

17. Jack Reacher Typeface

Jack Reacher Typeface

Every year, Halloween rolls around, so stock up on fun decorative typefaces and get ready early! For instance, the fantastic Jack Reacher font perfectly captures the spirit of Halloween. For added flare and style, it has letters that are big and aggressive with angular serif elements. For even more magic, consider including it in your Halloween posters!

18. MacLaurent Font

MacLaurent Font

Do you adore retro style? Amazing handwriting skills may be found in many fancy letter fonts, much like in earlier styles. You may now use the intriguing MacLaurent typeface to create a well-designed logo or headline. This download includes a useful online font along with a collection of display types with upper-and lowercase letters. One of our top ornamental fonts, in my opinion!

19. Spacethink Typeface

Spacethink Typeface

Use the fantastic Spacethink typeface to embody the rocker vibe. This typeface pack’s five style alternatives will help you vary your projects. It is edgy and unique. Get the most recent version to take advantage of amazing typefaces for album covers, concerts, and logos.

20. Lucy Glitch Typeface

Lucy Glitch Typeface

Normally, glitch effects are used on images, but now you can also use them on fonts!  The wonderful Lucy Glitch typeface is a beautiful new fancy font that looks like a digital glitch. For your upcoming project, have a look at the whole collection of letters, numbers, and symbols in this set.

Final Words

Whether it’s a private or professional gathering, a fancy text typeface may establish the mood.  However, if your headlines become illegible, adding eye-catching swirls and loops is pointless.  People will be interested in reading more if you strike the correct mix between fashion and usefulness.


How can I use the fancy text font generator to create attractive text?

In the blank content section at the top of this page, type or paste the desired text. The results of the font generator appear below immediately. Look through several styles and pick your favorite. To copy the text and paste it anywhere you desire, use the copy buttons on the right side.

Is using this tool completely free?

Yes.  This web tool was developed to assist designers, casual internet users, and producers in obtaining some of the most well-liked aesthetic fancy text for no cost, this web tool was developed. There are no use restrictions and no registration requirements to utilize the tool.

Where may I employ these fashionable fonts?

You can make your bio in the Flipped Font style in the tool and then copy and paste the fancy text on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Discord, etc. You can use our Free Font Generator to get the cool text for every social networking platform that allows such styles.  They are also supported by several messaging services like WhatsApp and Messenger.

How can I install fancy text fonts on my iPhone and Android?

Additionally, our fancy text tool functions wonderfully on every smartphone and browser.  You don’t need any third-party or resource-intensive font programs for Android or iOS; just bookmark this link.

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