15 Best First Name Generator Tools in 2022

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Your website’s domain name is very important, but it can be hard to find a great name that is still available. There are a number of domain first name generators that can help you come up with unique domain names that are still available to register. An internet programme called Random first Name Generator creates a list of random names for various uses.  There are other internet applications that make claim to be able to generate names at random, but they all have various restrictions or a bewildering array of possibilities.  Using our random creation creator, which offers all the required options without any limitations, simplifies things. Just put in the required information, like language and gender, and you’re good to go.

15 Best First Name Generator Tools in 2022

We’ve gathered 15 domain first name generators in this post that might help you come up with ideas using one or more seed keywords. They all carry out that fundamental promise, but they all go about it differently.  We’ll conduct a genuine test using the same seed term for each tool to show you the kinds of ideas each one produces.  Let’s get going.

Features of a Random First Name Generator

You won’t have to worry about having too few options because our tool can generate such a list. Multiple language choices Our human first name generator really stands out because it can be used in many different languages. You are able to select from eight different languages.

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russians
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

When you have a list of hundreds of names that you have produced and want to export them to a spreadsheet, the Random first Name Generator makes it easy for you to do so.  As an alternative, you may just press the copy key and then paste the names anywhere you choose.

Choice of male and female names: You have the option of limiting your name to either a male or female gender.  If you don’t want any of that segregation, we can also take care of it for you.

The Random Name Generator How Do I Use It?

  • Visit the website for the random first name generator.
  • Enter how many names you wish the programme to generate.
  • Select the language of the generated name.
  • Choose a name’s gender.
    Choosing the male and female options will result in a mixed list.
  • Choose “Generate Names” from the menu.
  • The name list will appear below the button right away.
  • To copy to the clipboard, click the Copy Names button.
  • The Export to CSV option also allows you to download a CSV file.

1. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel
An AI-powered tool called Domain Wheel can help you with your search by suggesting keyword combinations, synonyms, and related terms.  Additionally, it suggests only names that are currently available.  You may use the user-friendly UI to search within the TLDs you choose using a dropdown. There is no opportunity to assess social media accessibility, though.

2. Panabee


The Panabee domain name search tool makes suggestions by rearranging the letters or syllables of your keywords or adding new letters. For each word you enter, a separate list of related terms is also displayed.  You may experiment with different pairings to create something original. Panabee also has a large number of country-specific domains and lets you check how accessible social media is. Overall, compared to other tools, the ideas are frequently a touch more “out there.” The tool’s restriction to only two keywords might be constrictive.

3. Namelix

You can use Namelix to filter results based on brand names, name lengths, and the presence of keywords in different ways, like misspelt words and words that rhyme. They have a fantastic AI-based tool, I must say.  It generated some intriguing names, including several premium names.  Additionally, vector logos are in print quality.  In order to provide better recommendations, you can store the names. In certain ways, the premium names are superior to the free ones.  However, if you’re searching for logos or even designs to match your name, it’s a terrific tool.

4. NameMesh

With the help of a thesaurus, synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, suffixes, or even overlapping words, NameMesh provides lots of room for experimentation with keywords.  Additionally, you may tell the tool to merely recommend letters or numbers, or you can select certain phrases that must be included.  By overlapping domain names with TLDs, it can change your selected name and propose hyphenated versions of your keywords (like Foc.us).  It includes several TLDs, groups available names to make picking simpler, considers SEO, and shows social media availability. Sadly, it doesn’t offer ideas for relevant keywords.

5. LeanDomainSearch

LeanDomainSearch uses a combination of your search terms and widely-used keywords to propose and present available names with 95% accuracy.  Additionally, it filters results according to keyword order and ranks them by popularity, length, or alphabetically.  It also looks up accessibility on Twitter. The only characters allowed are letters and spaces; hyphens and numerals are not permitted.  Additionally, it solely examines.com availability; it ignores all other domain extensions.

6. DomainsBot

DomainsBot comes up with good name ideas in 11 different languages for all of the available TLDs. The outcome may be filtered by language, extension, and associated keywords. It only shows names that can be used right now so that ideas can be improved over time and the most relevant variants and TLDs can be shown. However, it doesn’t provide many original name recommendations because it tries to stick to the original query.

7. Domain Maker from Bust A Name

Domain Maker from Bust A Name
The ability to select how natural-sounding your name should be is the Domain Maker’s standout feature from Bust A Name.  Multiple languages and TLDs may be used to search for names, and results can be limited to names with five to fifteen characters.  Additionally, there is a choice for names that seem random and to preserve the name. The random first name generator is actually random, so heed this warning.  In any case, the tool is worth a try.

8. Nameboy

To generate name suggestions, Nameboy combines words, prefixes, suffixes, and the keywords you enter.  Hyphens are optional, and you can begin with two seed words. The search results include popular domain extensions such as.com,.net,.co,.org,.info,.blog,.biz, and others. It doesn’t look up accessibility on social media.  Additionally, it uses Bluehost to check the availability of domains.

9. Domainr

You may search 1,700+ top-level domains using Domainr, which does a real-time availability check. As you type in your keywords, it makes suggestions based on the context and ranks the options by name, features, and price. However, Domainr doesn’t provide any original advice and doesn’t encourage excessive wordplay.

10. Business Name Generator from Shopify

Business Name Generator from Shopify
Alternatively, you may use Shopify’s Business Name Generator to find acceptable names.  There were more than 100 ideas for my search term “sail boat,” several of which were useful.  Additionally, you may register your name if you want to use Shopify to open an online store. Unfortunately, the tool only allows Shopify members to register domain names and only checks.com availability (you could, of course, take the suggestions and use your own domain registrar).

11. Domain Typer

Domain Typer
For my keywords, Domain Typer’s quick domain generator produced a variety of creative results.  What’s useful, though, is that you can favourite the names and rapidly check for availability in a variety of extensions and on a number of social media platforms. You will likely need to stick to using a single keyword because the tool does not allow the use of spaces. No phrases or multiple words may be used.

12. Wordoid

Wordoid is a clever phonetic-based programme that generates names not found in dictionaries.  This application is unique among domain first name generators in that it supports many languages at once, giving your name a global sense.  You may adjust the results depending on length, quality, preferred names, or past searches. No hyphens or spaces are allowed, and names can be up to 15 letters long.  Keywords are limited to 10 letters without any spaces.

13. NameStation

You may run a contest on NameStation and crowdsource name suggestions if you’d like the creative contribution of others.  NameStation functions more like a community in that regard.  But you can also use it the same way you would use any other domain first name generator.Thanks to the extensive suggestion menu, you can experiment with words in a variety of ways and apply extensions and other filters. Even though many of the choices are free, you need to make an account to use the whole service, which includes checking if a name is available.

14. DomainIt

It allows consumers to swiftly assess potential domain names.  Finding variants and alternative keywords might also be advantageous.  By adjusting variables like the number of words or word length, hyphenation, and other factors, you may further tailor the findings. It does not check for social media availability like a lot of other domain first name generators.

15. Namecheckr

Namecheckr, by itself, is not a first name generator.  But you should try this tool if you already have a name in mind and just want to make sure it is available on multiple platforms. It scans a good number of social networks and forums, in addition to various TLDs.


Why use a first name generator online?

Some people may think that using a third-party programme is easy, but it has a number of clear drawbacks. You only need a web browser to use an online name generator, so there’s no need to use up your expensive phone’s storage capacity on something that can be done online.

Is this instrument truly free?

Yes, using our tool is completely free.  No limitations, such as registration or subscription, apply while using this tool.  If you find it useful, all we want in return is for you to spread the word about it to your friends and family.

When I use this tool to generate names, are my decisions saved?

Your selections or names that you obtain are not saved by us.  You don’t need to be concerned about your privacy or security when using this tool because we don’t save any user data on our systems.

How many names will the first name generator provide me?

As said above, you can use this tool to produce hundreds of human or character names because we don’t place any limitations on usage.  In accordance with our tests, you may generate a list of up to 100,000 names at once and export it as CSV files.  Even while it may seem like overkill, having options is usually a good thing.

Is it against the law to use this facility to create fictitious names?

Without a doubt,  It is permissible to use this tool.  We oppose the use of the names for any criminal conduct, though.

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