Top 30 Gaming Terms & Slangs Every Gamer Lingo Must Know 2022

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The majority of gamers worldwide are familiar with the gamer lingo or slang used in the games they play. In online games, players sometimes find themselves in situations where they need to tell their teammates something right away. Additionally, shouting big words during games is ineffective for your squad, which is where gamer lingo comes in. The first rule of internet gaming is to avoid using terms and gamer lingo associated with gaming. You should be aware of this if you want to identify with a gamer lingo. Gaming Terms & Slangs Every Gamer Lingo Must Know While experts are busy being smurfs, beginners are busy leveling up and gaining experience. You could play that MMORPG game in FPS mode despite being on TPS. And it’s a bullet sponge if you were able to kill that NPC. How many slang terms and gaming terms did you manage to pick up in this one? None!

Top 30 Gaming Terms & Slangs Every Gamer Lingo Must Know 2022

We have gathered some of the slang and terms used in gaming the most frequently on this page. Let’s start your career as a professional Top 30 Gaming Terms & Slangs Every Gamer Lingo Must Know 2022 with reading, speaking, and practice. While most games include a lot of slang or other phrases from the gaming world, certain terms are only used in certain kinds of games. Let’s go right into the list of the most widely used slang phrases or terminology used in gaming without spending any more time.

A collection of 30 gaming terms and slang phrases that we’ve put up may make it easier for you to communicate with your gamer lingo about your predicament in-game. At this time, I wouldn’t advise you to memorize them all; instead, simply try using a few of them one at a time.

1. AFK


The slang phrase “away from the keyboard” is used in gaming. Your teammates will be informed that you won’t be available to play for a time if you type “AFK” in-game chat during a game.

2. GG


GG stands for “good game” in gamer lingo. It is usually used at the end of online multiplayer games to let your teammates and opponents know how much you enjoyed playing with them.

3. Smurf

These are not the little blue figures you saw as a child. A player with a high skill level who competes with players with a low skill level using a new “smurf account” or someone else’s account is known as a “smurf.” Unfortunately, Gargamel can’t protect you from these smurfs if you’re one of the tortured lower-skill level gamers.

4. Aimbot

Aimbot is the name of an illegal program that gives the Top 30 Gaming Terms & Slangs Every Gamer Lingo Must Know 2022 which uses its perfect aim. Most are mostly employed in first-person shooter games with online multiplayer like CS: GO. It is also known as “auto-aim” because when an opponent player enters the frame, the bot instantly resets the aim.

5. Camping

In video games, the practice of sitting in a tactically advantageous location on the game map is known as camping.

6. Bot

A character that is controlled by a computer is referred to as a “Bot” in video games. Bots are often non-playable characters in video games.

7. Buff/Nerf

A weapon or tool has been given a “buff” in gaming parlance when the most recent upgrades have given it good stats and made it suitable for usage. On the other hand, a weapon is “nerfed” when it is thought to be worse than other weapons with lower stats.

8. Toxic

A player who is upset or nasty to his teammates or the other team is referred to as “toxic” in gamer lingo. By shouting or saying hurtful things, these toxic gamers often make the environment of a game so bad that it can’t be played.

9. Bullet Sponge

Another gaming term for a difficult-to-kill non-playable character is “bullet sponge.” Bullet sponge is a term used to describe people who require several shots to be killed.

10. Cheesing

Cheesing is a strategy in games that lets a player beat an opponent with little skill or effort. Cheaters are often seen taking advantage of bugs or glitches in the game or using the same set of actions over and over to beat bosses.

11. Cooldown

The term “cooldown” describes the shortest amount of time that a player must wait before using a certain skill once more in the game. This phrase from video games describes the period of time until a character’s skill may be used once again.

12. DLC

The in-game material that game creators make available after a game is released is referred to by a gaming name. Downloadable content, or DLC, can be either paid for or unpaid for. DLC frequently adds additional areas or characters to the game.

13. Easter Egg

An Easter egg is a hidden message inside a game, and it can take any shape. It might be a picture, a movie, or even a secret gameplay element. Even though Easter eggs are difficult to discover, they are always worth looking for.

14. Grinding

When a person grinds in a video game, they perform repetitive chores to level up. There are several motivations to grind for XP, including the desire to complete a game fast or the fact that certain games let you buy in-game items with XP.

15. HUD

HUD stands for heads-up display; in video games, the status bar or HUD displays a character’s health and other crucial data that is helpful for gameplay.

16. K/D

K/D, or the kill-to-death ratio, is one of a player’s statistics that reveals how many kills there are for every fatality.

17. Lag

“Lag” in online gaming is the amount of time between a player’s action and the response of a character in the game.

18. Ragequit

Ragequit refers to when a player quits a game in progress out of rage or frustration after losing. You may have seen videos online of angry players smashing their controllers or keyboards; it’s ragequitting, another phrase in gaming that you should avoid.

19. OP

“Overpowered” (OP) is a gaming term for a powerful weapon or a player who can beat a lot of enemies on their own.

20. TTK

In video games, the phrase “time to kill” refers to how long it typically takes to kill an opponent player during combat.

21. Poggers

“Poggers” is a term used mostly in connection with the game broadcasting website Twitch. “Poggers” is a term for exuberance or excessive delight.

22. Instalock

In multiplayer games, “instalock” means to lock down a character right away on the character selection screen so that no other player can pick it up.

23. Pwned

Due to the close proximity of the O and P keys, this gaming slang is “owned,” and it is sometimes used interchangeably. Pwned in video games refers to outplaying other players with proficient abilities and gameplay.

24. Clutch

When a player who is outnumbered in a match eliminates each opponent one by one to win the round, this is known as “clutch play.”

25. Ganking

Gaming slang known as “ganking” describes the act of several players banding together to fight one or more other players in order to eradicate them. It is most frequently used in MMORPGs.

26. Res

This phrase is only used in competitive first-person shooter (FPS) multiplayer games where you can bring back dead teammates by using certain characters. This gamer lingo is frequently used in games like Valorant and Rogue Company, for instance.

27. Feeding

When the opposing side regularly kills you in combat, this is known as “feeding.” You can stop this from happening if you stay with your team and help them, or if you change your position and strategy.

28. Throwing

“Throwing” is the term for when a teammate purposefully ignores their teammates and approaches the adversaries with the goal of dying while standing and not using a weapon. When players urge other players to give up or leave the game, they begin tossing.

29. FPS

Frames Per Second, sometimes known as FPS, is a well-known abbreviation. As the name implies, a higher framerate will result in a smoother gaming experience. But that doesn’t imply that having a higher FPS improves your gaming skills.

30. NPC

NPC stands for “non-player character,” which means it is a character that you do not have control over. Most non-player characters (NPCs) in video games have important roles to play in the game’s plot.

Final Words

For all the new players out there attempting to gain a handle on the established gaming jargon, we hope it was an entertaining read. This list of 30 gaming terms and slang gamer lingo is now complete; let us know which of these terms are your favorite and most commonly used.

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