Top 20 Cool Google Tricks That You Didn’t Know 2022

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Google plays a significant role in the lives of several Internet users.  We often utilize the Google search engine to sate our insatiable thirst for knowledge. So let’s take a break from that and explore some of the games, entertaining queries, and Google tricks tucked away in its enormous database. Google has never just been a search engine.  We’ve put up a collection of amusing Google techniques.  Google has always had some sneaky tricks.  We have performed our research and have provided some incredible Google search tricks below for you to save in case you ever need them again.  Are you prepared to blow your friends’ heads off by teaching them these tricks and having them say, “Dude, I didn’t realize that was amazing”?  Okay, most of the tricks just ask you to “Google a certain term, and the magic will happen,” but others may call for your participation.

So what is the point of these Google tricks, you might wonder.  Oh, there aren’t any!  They are merely entertaining activities on google tricks.  You can use it to surprise your pals or display your nerdy side to them.

Top 20 Cool Google Tricks That You Didn’t Know 2022

In this post, I rounded up all the entertaining things you can do on Google and created a list of Google tricks in this post. This is it: Google’s google tricks are always eliminating old Easter eggs and installing new ones.  On elgooG, a Google mirror website, you may locate the forgotten secret Google tricks if you wish to play around with them.

1. Do a barrel roll


Do a barrel roll

Simply asking Google to perform a barrel roll is one of the most popular and entertaining Google tricks.  Enter “perform a barrel roll” in the search bar on Google to witness the magic happen.  After twice rotating, the page will return to its initial position.  Do have a look.

2. Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout

Despite the board game’s many incarnations, nobody will ever forget playing the original Atari Breakout in the 1990s.  Don’t pass up this chance if you’ve never tasted it. Google Search no longer lets you play the game, but you can still get to it through elgooG, which is Google’s mirror website.
Scroll down the website and click on the Atari Breakout Game.  You’ll see that every Google picture has been changed into a block, so you may play the well-known game.  Please share your top score in the comments section below.

3. Askew


Another entertaining Google trick is Askew.  To notice how your page tilts a little, enter “askew” into the Google search field.  The largest search engine tilting a little on your desktop is good, even if it doesn’t appear as exciting as the other humorous Google tricks.

4. Recursion


“You should know recursion in order to understand recursion.”  For the IT professionals out there, Google has this great technique. If you Google “recursion,” you’ll get stuck in a loop that looks a lot like recursion and won’t let you out. Recursion refers to looping repetition.  When you search for “recursion,” Google will display the phrase “Did you mean: recursion?” For those geeks who are familiar with recursion, Google has once again pulled off a clever trick.

5. Google Gravity

Google Gravity

Even on the Google site, gravity exhibits astonishing abilities.  Here’s how you can finally bring Google to its knees: On the webpage, enter “Google Gravity” and press the “I’m feeling lucky” button.
You will be sent to “Google Gravity,” one of the entertaining initiatives.  It is a Hi-Res Chrome Experiment. The Gravity trick is an interactive Google search that many people are unaware of.
Finding the menus, though, could be difficult.

6. Thanos


All the Marvel fans out there would love this clever Google trick.  Click on “Thanos Snap Trick” on elgooG.  Go to Marvel’s supervillain biography on the right side of the page after you get the search results. Click the “Gauntlet” symbol located beneath Google Images to see Google’s page listings collapse.

7. Anagram


One of those traditional dad jokes that aren’t funny yet somehow manages to make you chuckle.
So, this is the Google Developers version. Google asks if you mean “Nag A Ram” when you search for the term “Anagram.”  It is only a made-up term that is, in essence, an anagram of the word “anagram.”

8. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

Although Zerg Rush appears to have vanished, the interesting Google search is still available on elgooG, a Google mirror made by the All Too Flat. and select Zeg Rush. The search bar will start to lose a lot of “o”s before slowly eating up the whole page and destroying everything in its way.
I enjoy watching it. Alternatively, after putting “Zerg Rush” into the Google search field, you may access the secret Google trick by clicking “I’m feeling lucky.”

9. Flip a coin

Flip a coin

Have you ever wanted to make a quick coin toss decision but were unable to locate one?  Well, it is absurd to be constrained by such things in this day and age.  You can flip a virtual coin with the assistance of Google using a clever method; you read that correctly. If you put “flip a coin” into google tricks, an animation of a coin toss will appear on the search results page.  The next time you need to toss a coin, employ this Google Search method instead of looking in your pocket.

10. The F.R.I.E.N.D.S trick

Google made this Easter egg to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the long-running TV show “Friends.” This would undoubtedly be on my list of “awesome things to Google” if I ever made one. To find the Easter egg, you must combine the word “friends” with the name of any comedy character. For instance, if you search for “Ross Friends” or “Monica Friends,” the desktop’s right side will display a unique symbol for each character.  You’ll be able to see it well on a smartphone.  To witness the magic, simply click the icon: To get amusing meanings of the terms used in the TV show “Friends,” you may also search for “Friends Glossary” in google tricks Search.

11. Timelapse


Users of Google Earth may view a timelapse of a particular area’s development over the course of 37 years using the Timelapse tool.  This tool allows you to track changes in urban areas over time, such as deforestation and the melting of Antarctic ice. It’s entertaining even if it’s not strictly a Google search technique.  Visit the Google Earth Timelapse page and select the location you want to watch the timelapse of to utilize the function (this might take time to load for some users).

12. Animal sounds

Animal sounds

Try searching for “animal sounds” on Google if you’re seeking entertainment.  You may play the sounds of many animals, as the search term speaks for itself. Tap the volume icon next to the animal’s name in the search results to increase the volume.

13. Cha-Cha Slide

Cha-Cha Slide

Do you want to learn some hip dance steps?  Select the Microphone icon in the highlighted box after conducting a search for Cha-Cha Slide.  Try different movements while you keep clicking on it.

14. Google in 1988

Google in 1988
Have you ever wondered what it was like to use Google in 1988 when it had just been founded?  To view it for yourself, go to elgooG and choose “Google in 1988.” You’ll notice that there were not many websites shown in the search results back then. None of them had visuals on top of that.

15. Play Games on Google

Play Games on Google
Did you know that Google offers a selection of vintage arcade games?  Just enter the game’s name into the search bar and touch the Play button. PAC-MAN, Minesweeper, Snake, Solitaire, and Tic-Tac-Toe are among the games available.  One of the finest tricks for utilizing Google search is undoubtedly to play games.

16. DVD Screensaver

DVD Screensaver

When DVD players were still in use, practically all of them had a screensaver identical to this one, which was just a logo bouncing on the TV screen. Because of this Google trick, you may look back on your memories and feel sad and nostalgic. To see Google pay homage to the traditional screensaver from the DVD player era, simply go to Google Search and key in “DVD screensaver.”  The Google logo in the top-left corner of the screen will start to meander inside the screen as soon as you enter this search query.

17. Google breathing exercise

Google breathing exercise

If you ever experience workplace stress, simply perform a Google search.  A built-in function of the search engine directs you to a basic breathing exercise. To get to this function, you need to search for “Google breathing exercise” and then press the play button. Google will then start the one-minute breathing exercise and provide you with instructions.

18. Roll dice

Roll dice

Furthermore, Google Search includes a built-in digital die that you can use to initiate the rolling animation and receive the result. You may roll more than one die simultaneously, and there are several dice to pick from.  In addition, the search engine offers a counter so you may roll the dice without manually adding up the numbers.

You simply need to Google “roll dice” or “roll die” to utilize this method.  The displayed options include a built-in dice app where you may click “Roll” to roll the die, choose other dice to add to the mix and select moving dice to return them to your inventory.

19. Countdown


The possibilities for these Google tactics’ usage are virtually endless.  One helpful tip gives you access to a stopwatch and timer that are already included in Google Search. You may find these two useful functions by searching for “countdown,” “timer,” or “stopwatch” on Google.  You’ll notice two tabs labeled “Timer” and “Stopwatch” when the results appear, from which you may use these two programs to track time and initiate a countdown, respectively.

20. Google’s hidden languages

Google’s hidden languages
In addition to official languages like English, Hindi, and French, Google Search is also available in a number of additional languages that are often used in pop culture.

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