10 Best Kodi Repositories You Should Install in 2022

Kodi Repositories

The number of portals and programs that let you watch videos without issues has increased as internet streaming becomes more and more popular.  Kodi is a centralized media player that lets you get content from a lot of different places. However, to do so, you must use Kodi addons, which is where repositories come into play.  The finest Kodi repositories list has been created as a result.  A very well-liked media player program called Kodi supports a wide range of streaming providers and platforms.
It contains a sizable add-on library that can be accessed through the Kodi repositories.  There are also third-party repositories that have a wide range of very useful and interesting add-ons. Most of these add-ons aren’t in the official Kodi repository, so users looking for a third-party repository.

10 Best Kodi Repositories You Should Install in 2022

We chose the top 10 Kodi repositories for you to install on your device to make things easier for you.
Let’s go through the fundamentals first before getting into the list of the top Kodi repositories.
The fundamentals include knowing what repositories are and how to install them.  You can skip forward to the lineup if you’ve used Kodi for a while and are already familiar with these concepts. With good reason, Kodi has become one of the most well-known and discussed open-source media centers.  You may stream any kind of material, including movies, music, games, and more, on devices that use various operating systems through the media center that is controlled by XBMC.

What are Kodi repositories?

Kodi repositories are places where add-ons may be downloaded and installed.  Repositories are conceptually comparable to app stores on Android and Apple devices, to put it simply.  Add-ons that improve the XBMC software’s overall functionality may be downloaded via repositories.  The official repository that comes with Kodi has few alternatives.  We’ve put together a list of the best Kodi repositories that will still work in 2022. You can rest easy knowing that every third-party repository on our list works and has useful Kodi addons.

Download Popular Kodi Addons Repository

There are many alternatives available, and with so many possibilities, picking the top Kodi repositories is nearly impossible.  So, based on your needs, pick the ones that are ideal for you. When choosing a repository, you should think about how much content it has and how popular its add-ons are.

1. Kodil Repo

Kodil Repo

Another excellent Kodi repository with a tonne of add-ons is the Kodil repo.  You may discover add-ons of all genres here, including movies, news, sports, television series, etc.  With the aid of addons from the repository, you may view live games and movies.  Since the addons are all listed alphabetically, finding your preferred Kodi addon won’t be a problem.  The United States, United Kingdom, and Canada’s Kodi users all like using this repository.

Popular Kodil Repo extensions

The following well-known add-ons may be accessed by installing the Kodil repository:

  • Fox Sports
  • Nemesis
  • StreamHub
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Exodus
  • Covenant
  • Elysium
  • Placenta
  • 123 Movies

2. Super Repo

Super Repo

Super Repo, often known as Superrepo, is one of the most well-known Kodi repositories.  Every other Kodi addon you can imagine is available on it.  In addition to add-ons, this features lovely Kodi skins.
Surprisingly, Superrepo is one of the biggest Kodi repositories, and it also has a lot of smaller repositories inside it. Each add-on has a category, making it simple for users to locate their favorites.  There are over 1700 addons in the Super Repo, including up to 1000 Kodi video addons for your amusement.  One of the top Kodi repositories to utilize in 2022 is this one.

Super repo Kodi Repository’s Popular Add-ons

From the Super Repo Kodi repository, you can get a number of popular add-ons, such as:

  • SkyNet
  • FilmOn
  • DramaGo
  • Specto Fork

3. Diamond Wizard

Diamond Wizard
The Diamond Wizard Kodi repository, which is fairly new, has a large number of add-ons. This Kodi repository has addons for live TV, music, live sports, kid’s programming, documentaries, and a tonne of old movies and TV episodes.  The Diamond Wizard If you enjoy classic Bollywood films, comedy shows, and documentaries, the Kodi repository has a great selection of add-ons for you.  When we tested the repository, there were no broken add-ons and everything worked perfectly.

Popular Diamond Wizard Add-Ons Repository for Kodi

  • Best British Comedy
  • Cartoon Network
  • YouTube
  • The USS Defiant
  • Big Toons

4. KodiBae


Despite the fact that the developer behind KodiBae is relatively new to the industry, it has quickly become one of the most well-known Kodi repositories. One of the main reasons why the KodieBae repository is so popular is that it has add-ons like Covenant and Exodus, which are very popular and used by a lot of people. The two add-ons have reappeared in this repository after remaining away for a few months.  To get the most out of Kodi, install this repository.  However, a lot of add-ons let you view pirated material.  Therefore, we advise you to only install authorized add-ons.

KodiBae Repository’s most popular add-ons include

  • 9Anime
  • cCloud TV
  • Exodus
  • Covenant
  • SportsDevil

5. Kodinerds.net


Choose Kodinerds.net if you want to install some entertaining yet legal Kodi 18 Leia addons. This Kodi repository hosts many well-known and reliable legal Kodi addons that are not included in the official Kodi repository are hosted by Kodi repository. The majority of the addons on Kodinerds.net are only accessible to German speakers because the website is controlled by a group going by the name of “Kodinerds” in Germany.  However, a VPN will allow you to access these add-ons.  One of the top Kodi repositories for downloading safe and authorized add-ons of many genres, such as TV shows, movies, and music, is this one.  Check out the top Kodi alternatives you can use in 2022 as well.

Popular Kodinerds.net Add-Ons

  • DAZN
  • DailyMotion
  • NASA
  • SkyGo
  • Youtube Music

6. TVAddons.co Repository

TVAddons.co Repository

After politicians criticized TVAddons.co for storing unlicensed content, it went offline for a while, but now it’s back and better than ever. Even though there are only safe and legal additions to the repository now, it hasn’t lost any of its appeals. If you love television, there are several amusing add-ons that you simply must have. The Kodi repository also has the Git Browser, which lets you install any addon that is on GitHub.

TVAddons.co’s Most Popular Add-Ons

  • Jango
  • Mr.Bean
  • UFO TV
  • USTV Now
  • Film On Simple

7. Ghost Repo

Ghost Repo
When it comes to entertainment, the Ghost Kodi repository is one of the greatest Kodi repositories.
The addons in the Kodi repository are divided into a number of categories, including IPTV, sports, kids, music, live TV, utilities, and more. After the Supremacy Kodi repo was taken down, many Kodi users went to Ghost Repo because it has a large number of add-ons.

Frequently Used Addons in the Ghost Kodi Repository

Through the Ghost Kodi repository, you can get to a number of well-known and legal Kodi add-ons, such as:

  • SportsDevil
  • Watchbox
  • YouMusic
  • Magenta Sport
  • Laola1.tv
  • Exodus
  • Indigo

8. Butter Fingers Repo

Butter Fingers Repo

Butter Fingers Repo is the Kodi repository you will like if you are a lover of Marvel and DC comics.
This repository contains enough Kodi add-ons to keep you occupied for days.  It’s one of the least-used Kodi repositories, but it’s the one that gives you the most fun. A range of add-ons from many genres, including kids, movies, live TV, DIY projects, sports, and more, are available in the Butter Fingers Kodi repository. This Kodi repository is regularly updated and accessible the majority of the time.  You can easily get the repo for Kodi 18 from the URL provided below.

Butter Fingers Repo’s Most Popular Add-Ons

From the Butter Fingers Repo, you can get to some popular and legal Kodi add-ons, such as:

  • Kidz Club
  • Risque
  • Docula
  • Super Flix
  • Muzic
  • Diy Fix

9. Lazy Kodi Repo

Lazy Kodi Repo
It takes time to search through repositories to add different add-ons.  Instead of adding the source each time you wish to install a repository, how about a repository that contains a sizable number of repositories?  One such repository that houses a large array of repositories and wizards is the Lazy Kodi Repo.  One of the best Kodi repositories in 2020 because it has a huge number of options.
The fact that the Lazy Kodi repo just hosts files and does not own any add-ons is another reason why we advise you to install it.  It is therefore less likely to shut down anytime soon.

Lazy Kodi Repo’s Most Popular Repositories

From this repository, you may install the top Kodi repositories listed below.

  • Illuminati Repo
  • Supremacy Repo
  • TVAddons Repo
  • Maverick Repo
  • Sandman Repo

10.  AJ Repository

AJ Repository
A brand-new Kodi repository called the AJ repository is home to a variety of helpful Kodi add-ons for watching movies, live TV, sporting events, and popular TV series.  Although there aren’t many add-ons available, the high quality of the material compensates for the shortage of choices.  The Kodi addon you’re looking for may be readily installed thanks to the addons’ well-defined categories. Most of the add-ons listed in the repository worked when they were being tested.

AJ Repository’s Most Popular Addons

AJ Repo provides the following well-liked Kodi addons:

  • Falcon Ultra TV
  • Eyasses
  • Cryptic
  • Champion Sports

How Can A Kodi Repository Be Installed?

The add-ons that come with Kodi repositories provide you access to content that would not otherwise be available in your area.  But if you want to hide your online identity from the government and keep yourself safe, you should use a VPN. Once you know how, installing a Kodi repository is simple.  Install a Kodi repository in Kodi 18 Leia by following the procedures provided below.

  • Activate the Kodi main menu.  Double-click on Add Source in System > File Manager by going there.
  • Enter the URL of the repository you wish to install in the “None” box and press “Done.”  By entering a name in the following text box and selecting OK, you may give the repository an alias.
  • Return to your home screen After that, choose Add-ons, and then click the symbol that resembles a box to launch the Add-on Browser.
  • After choosing to install from a zip file, click on the name of the Kodi repository that you just set up by following the steps above.
    Once the repository is installed, you will receive a message that add-ons are enabled.
  • Click the Install from Repository option, select the repository, and then go to the add-on you wish to install.

All of the Kodi repositories on this list have been tested by us.  At the time of testing, the URL provided for each repository was active.

Best Kodi Repositories to Use in 2022

To make the most of Kodi in 2022, we’ve selected the top Kodi repositories you can download.  These reports feature fantastic and engaging add-ons that will keep you interested for a long time.
At the time the list was being written, each option was active.  You may leave a comment if you run into any problems while installing a Kodi repository, and we’ll do our best to help. You can also mention any worthy repository you believe we missed in the comments section.

Questions and Answers

What distinguishes a Kodi Addon from a Repository?

In essence, addons are stored and distributed from the repositories.  The software used to watch movies and TV shows are known as an add-on.  This is the reason Kodi is so well-liked.

Is a VPN required to install a Kodi repository?

When utilizing Kodi addons, a VPN is highly recommended.  You can use LibreELEC or OpenELEC, a derivative of the well-known media player.  A Kodi addon for each of these forks enables you to set up a VPN service right inside Kodi.

The Super repo is still active?

Yes, Kodi Krypton is still supported by the Super repo.  But it took some time for it to come back up.

How Can a Kodi Repository Be Updated?

  • Select Addons from the left pane on your Kodi home screen.
  •  Select the package installer icon. upper left-hand corner
  • Click “Install from Repository.”
  • From the list, choose the add-on repository.
  • Obtain program extensions.

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