Who are the lower moon 6? Twelve Kizuki Demon Slayer

lower moon 6

The 12 kizuki are the most infamous demons in the demon slayer. These demons were chosen by their demon lord Muzan Kibutsiji himself. They look after their demon lord’s wishes and help Muzan keep the demons in order. Several demons lower moon 6, who in the English dub of the anime Demon Slayer is called “the 12 demon moons,” are the second-highest ranking lower moon 6 after the demon king. The Twelve Kizuki, also known as the Twelve Demon Moons, is a group of the most potent demons.

Note that this exists In Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King, is in charge of them all.

A significant amount of Muzan’s blood was given to each of them to improve their physical and mental capacities.  They are split into two groups: Upper Ranks and lower moon 6, each with six people.  Depending on their power, the members are numbered from one to lower moon 6.  In other words, lower moon 6 is the weakest, and upper rank 1 is the strongest.  While the Upper Ranks have the kanji “Upper Rank” in their other eye and the remaining eye bears the number, the Lower moon 6 Ranks have their number carved into one eye.

Who are the lower moon 6? Twelve Kizuki Demon Slayer

Fans of Demon Slayer may be aware that those who drink the blood of the demon king Muzan turn into demons.  Furthermore, in Demon Slayer, the demons that have taken somewhat more blood from Muzan grow stronger than others and eventually reach the 12 kizuki, or 12 demon moons.

From the top demon moons to the lower moon 6, these are the 12 kizuki in Demon Slayer. While some of the 12 kizuki has already made an appearance in the Demon Slayer anime, many of them have yet to do so. These are the villains from the game “Demon Slayer.”  Warning: This page contains spoilers about the identities of the 12 kizuki, or 12 demon moons, for fans of the Demon Slayer anime.

1. Upper Moon 1 – Kokushibou

Upper Moon 1 – Kokushibou

In the demon slayer manga and anime, Muzan’s right hand, Kokushibou, is the most powerful of the 12 kizuki. Kokushibou, who was turned by Muzan eons ago, has devotedly and honestly served his lord. Kokushibou is not just the leader of the 12 kizuki, but he is also Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s twin brother, a famed sun-breathing practitioner. He is also the first person to use sun breathing, which makes him the most powerful person to fight demons in the story. It’s interesting to see that when they were both humans, Kokushibou, then known as Michikatsu Tsukiguni, was jealous of his twin brother Yoriichi’s natural talent and skill as a demon slayer. Because he uses moon breathing as a demon, Kokushibou is the most terrifying of the 12 kizuki in Demon Slayer.

2. Upper Moon 2 – Doma

Upper Moon 2 – Doma

Doma is arguably the cruelest of the 12 demon moons in Demon Slayer. He is the second-most powerful demon in the 12 Kizuki and the most charming of the bunch.  Doma is one of those demons who can’t feel empathy, which makes him a dangerous opponent. In the course of the demon slayer’s tale, Doma has gorged on a number of gorgeous ladies, making him both callous and indifferent. Doma’s main method of attack in the blood demon art is cryokinesis.  The demon just needs his kyosensu to produce ice (Japanese folding fans).  In addition, Doma can create ice using his blood and flesh, just like Nezuko can create fire using her blood.

3. Upper Moon 3 – Akaza

Upper Moon 3 – Akaza

Akaza is the third-strongest of the 12 kizuki in Demon Slayer. In close combat, he is a very dangerous opponent. As shown in the Mugen Train Arc, when Akaza fights the flaming hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, the demon shows a lot of raw power. Akaza’s demon blood art uses destructive death, which makes him see better and sends out shockwaves. Also, out of the 12 kizuki in Demon Slayer, Akaza heals himself the fastest.

4. Upper Moon 4 – Nakime

Upper Moon 4 – Nakime

Hantengu, however, served as the first stand-in for the upper moon 4 ranks.  After being defeated, Nakime was chosen as the dead Kizuki’s substitute and put in his place.  She made her debut in the first season of Demon Slayer during Muzan’s murder of the lower moon 6. Even though Nakime’s physical strength wasn’t shown, in the scene where Muzan kills the lower moon 6 demons, she was seen controlling the castle with a single stroke of her biwa. Even though the program hasn’t featured Nakime in a fight, she is strong enough as one of the top moon-level demons and one of the 12 kizuki in Demon Slayer.

5. Upper Moon 5 – Gyokko

Upper Moon 5 – Gyokko

Gyokko is the most egotistical of the 12 kizuki in Demon Slayer; while all demons are, this one tops the list for being the most sadistic.  The demon is also enamored with arts and crafts and gets irate when someone doesn’t like his self-styled artwork. When it comes to the demon’s personality, Gyokko is shown to be vain and jealous, especially of people who work harder at their craft than the demon does. In terms of the demon’s powers, Gyokko teleported from one spot to another using beautiful pots.  Additionally, the demon has the ability to summon fish demons to his adversaries’ pots. Of the 12 kizuki in Demon Slayer, Gyokko’s look is oddly the most macabre and horrifying. The demon lacks normal arms and has a lengthy body with mouths in place of eyes. He has two horizontally positioned eyes: one on his forehead and the other above his lips.

6. Upper Moon 6 – Kaigaku

Upper Moon 6 – Kaigaku

The demon siblings Daki and Gyutaro, who are brothers and sisters, once held this role.  Daki and Gyutaro, along with Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, were the main bad guys in the entertainment district arc and beat Tengen Uzui. However, the youthful demon slayers finally triumphed against both, and Kaigaku took their places. When they were being taught by the former thunder hashira Jigoro Kuwajima, Kaigaku was Zenitsu’s senior and had previously been a member of the demon slayer corps.  In his human form, Kaigaku exhibited traits that would later lead him to become one of the 12 kizuki in demon slaying, like being an opportunistic oaf who follows the strong and will do everything to live.  Furthermore, his expertise in thunder breathing has influenced his blood demon arts.

7. Lower Moon 1 – Enmu

Lower Moon 1 – Enmu

Who Enmu is and what the demon is capable of are known to those who have followed the Mugen Train Arc.  Enmu was the last survivor when Muzan massacred the lower moon 6 moon demons.  Kill the demon slayer wearing the hanafuda earrings. The demon king Muzan instructed Enmu when he handed him Tanjiro’s blood to find and kill him. Enmu breaks a person’s desire to fight by controlling their dreams with his blood demon art.  Enmu is furthermore capable of entering people’s dreams and controlling them because of his blood demon art.  Enmu’s favorite, as shown in the Mugen Train arc, enters people’s dreams and destroys their spiritual foundation.

8. Lower Moon 2 – Rokuro

Lower Moon 2 – Rokuro

After lower moon 2 – Hairo was eliminated in the first round of demon slayer, Rokuro joined the 12 kizuki. Hairo’s primary talent was the ability to use his blood to cast several shadows.  The demon was also capable of changing the shapes of these shadows. Regarding the successor, Rokuro, not much is known about the demon and his prowess.  The demon was, nevertheless, momentarily visible in the Mugen train arc.  Rokuro asked Muzan to give him more blood during his screen time so he could become stronger.  The order infuriated Muzan, so she made the decision to eliminate Rokuro.

9. Lower Moon 3 – Wakuraba

Lower Moon 3 – Wakuraba

Wakuraba, a 12 kizuki demon slayer, was the most devoted of the lower moon 6.  He can be shown to have increased speed in what little of Wakuraba’s Mugen train arc we can see.  When he tried to get away from Muzan after seeing his fellow lower moon 6 get killed, his speed was clearly faster. Wakuraba is quickly captured and put to death by the demon king, but it doesn’t help.

10. Lower Moon 4 – Mukago

Lower Moon 4 – Mukago

Another one of the mysterious 12 kizuki from Demon Slayer.  The potential of Mukago’s persona was never revealed to the public.  The demon was eliminated by Muzan in the Mugen train arc, together with other lower moon monsters.  Mukago had horns sticking out from the front of her forehead and was diminutive in stature.

11. Lower Moon 5 – Rui

Lower Moon 5 – Rui

Of the 12 kizuki in Demon Slayer, Rui is the only lower moon 6 that has had screen time for a complete episode.  Rui was a little, feeble youngster when he was a human, a boy of tiny stature when the demon king changed him. Rui used his blood to transform other demons into creatures that shared his fixation on starting a family.  Only Rui showed some talent. Meanwhile, his obsession with starting a family is most likely a result of his guilt over killing his parents. Among the 12 kizuki of demon slayer, Rui is incredibly strong in the blood demon skills.  Rui can also change the way demons who have eaten his blood look by manipulating their cells. He uses a spider’s web as his main defense, which is powerful enough to pierce a nichirin blade.

12. Lower Moon 6 – Kamanue

Lower Moon 6 – Kamanue

Initially, Kyogai, the primary antagonist of the Tsuzumi Mansion storyline, held this post. Muzan excommunicated him after his loss, claiming he wasn’t powerful enough to be one of the 12 kizuki in demon slayer. The Kyogai blood demon’s artwork resembled Nakime’s in certain ways. Kyogai’s body included several drums that, when touched, changed his environment. Kamanue later took up the post after Kyogai. The only thing that is known about Kamanue is that Muzan immediately devoured the hapless demon after hearing its thoughts.

Final Words

These are therefore the most powerful demons in the demon slayer narrative.  Also, each of these demons fights differently and looks like a different kind of blood demon. People who watch anime know about the 12 kizuki, but manga readers already know about these demons and what they can do. In the meantime, the kizuki of higher levels will undoubtedly show up in the upcoming demon slayer arcs. Read our weekly recap of forthcoming episodes and their release dates and times in the meantime.

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