15 Best Google Play Store Alternatives in 2022

play store alternative

For all Android users worldwide, the Google Play Store is the go-to place to get different apps, games, books, and movies.  Many programs, however, are not offered on the Google Play Store alternative as a result of Google’s limitations.  The Google Play Store does not have popular sports game apps, which are in high demand.  However, that does not preclude you from using them on an Android device.  You can download apk files for these apps from your web browser. Therefore, you don’t need to worry if you love a certain well-known app but are unable to use it for a variety of reasons.  This is the place to come if you need help finding other Google Play Store alternatives.  A one-stop shop for all your Google Play Store-missing software downloads,

These unofficial sources will assist you in downloading those apps.  These will let you download not only unauthorized apps but also paid apps for free, as well as coupons and other ways to save money. The Google Play store alternatives mentioned above provide some of the most expensive apps on the Google Play store alternatives for less money.

15 Best Google Play Store Alternatives in 2022

Some of the apps are also still in the early stages of development or aren’t available everywhere. You won’t be able to download that application from the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store alternative is likely what you’ll use if you have an Android smartphone, but there may be instances when you can’t locate particular applications there. In those cases, you should look into some of the finest Google Play Store alternatives.  The top Google Play alternatives are listed below for you to download:


1. APK Mirror

APK Mirror

One of the top Google Play alternatives is APKMirror.  There are just free apps on there that you can download without spending any money.  You can download beta applications from this platform that are not listed on the Google Play Store alternative. All applications are arranged according to their chronological sequence.  You may download from this source without any risk.  Additionally, it provides daily charts of popular programs, which may make it easier for you to identify trendy and well-liked apps.
Both the PC and the Android mobile may access this source. Any desktop or mobile device may browse the official website of APK Mirror to get it.  To assist you in understanding the quality of various applications, it also displays ratings and reviews on its websites.  Additionally, the Google Play Store itself offers a download option for it.

2. F-Droid

2. F-Droid
On F-Droid, apps are appropriately organized to make searching easier.  It is one of the reliable Google Play Store alternatives.  It’s also among the earliest places to download applications.  The fact that F-droid is a charity-run program that relies mostly on contributions is cool. F-Droid is mostly used for productivity software, though.  Therefore, it is the ideal one for developers to investigate.  But recently, F-Droid has gained access to a large number of generic apps. Even though the Games category isn’t very big, it does have a few games that you can’t find on the Google Play Store.

The main website of F-Droid offers a free download of the company’s unique program.  Wonderful and straightforward app design makes it simpler to download apps.  One of its drawbacks is F-lack Droid’s lack of ratings or reviews for the programs it offers, as well as any other alternatives to the Google Play store. However, there is a huge selection of free applications on F-Droid, so you won’t really care about this minor flaw.

3. Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore

With more than 300,000 apps, the Amazon Appstore is one of the biggest app shops. Consequently, it has become one of the top Google Play Store alternatives.  It functions quite similarly to the Google Play Store, and as a result, the bulk of users seeking a Google Play alternative pay it excellent attention. This is equally outstanding. It once served as an official Amazon Prime page.  You do not need to be concerned about security and privacy because a well-known brand is behind it.
It offers premium software for no cost or at discounted prices.

One distinctive aspect of this app store is the availability of different paid apps for free on different days.  This function is referred to as “App Of The Day.”  You may thus visit this page daily to search for new paid applications that are being made available for free. There is an app available from the Amazon Appstore that can be downloaded for free. Unlike other Google Play Store alternatives, it has a beautiful and easy-to-use user interface, which makes it a trendy choice.

4. Aptoide

Another established open source third party for downloading apps is Aptoide.  There are some widely used applications that are free to download, such as Facebook and WhatsApp. It came out in 2019 and now has more than 3 million users all over the world. In addition to mobile users, PC users may also use it to download various kinds of apps. You may download more than 7 lakh applications via this source, including pornographic apps that are unavailable on the Google Play store.  One of the most downloaded and well-known alternatives to the Google Play Store alternative is this one.

In addition to Aptoide Apps, Aptoide also offers a variety of additional programs.
In addition, Aptoide offers Aptoide Kids for young users, Aptoide TV for set-top boxes and smart TVs, and Aptoide VR for younger users. To guarantee that your Android smartphone is secured from any such viruses, it is preferable to download antivirus software in advance because certain loose programs may impact your phone’s operating system.

5. GetJar

One such alternative that existed before the Google Play Store alternative is GetJar.  GetJar is another strong alternative to the Google Play Store with more than 800,000 applications. GetJar has many games and apps, as well as beautiful themes, fun games, and ringtones that you can download for free. You’ll enjoy the creative possibilities that are correctly organized and subcategorized in applications for your convenience.  To assist you with installation, needs, and app use, we provide a thorough introduction to each program. The fact that some of GetJar’s apps are not properly updated forces you to download out-of-date apps, which is one of its main issues.

6. GetAPK Market APK

GetAPK Market APK
Another alternative to the Google Play Store alternative is GetAPK Market APK, which is completely different and enormous in scope and selection. This independent software store offers access to all Google Play Store APK files. It offers a simple search tool that can help you locate your preferred app quickly.  One of the finest features of this app market is that, after installation, the app notifies you frequently of new updates and makes sure that all of your APK files are up to date.

There isn’t a single app in our auxiliary app store that will demand payment before installation.  They’re all totally free! You can store APK files and install them whenever you want afterward, even if there is no active internet connection, which is a great and wonderful function. The APC Market APK has an installation size of 7.2 MB but lacks split APKs and OBB data. One thing this source is concerned about is safety.  It is therefore advisable to pre-install any antivirus software on your Android smartphone.

7. Mobogenie


The fact that Mobogenie lets you choose your favorite language from a variety of languages makes it stand apart from other alternatives.  Thus, it is advantageous to non-English speakers as well. Mobogenie has a lot more users than most of the other Google Play Store alternatives. Additionally, Mobogenie gives you a fallback choice.  Both a laptop and a mobile device may be used to access Mobogenie.  The nicest aspect of this alternative is that you can move apps from your phone to your laptop without having to download them again.

It functions as a tool and is more oriented at assisting you in managing and organizing these APK files than as an APK downloading file.  You will benefit from it in terms of improving file management.  Smart navigation, additional commands, the ability to examine all files, and debugging mode are some of the nice features.  MoboGenie provides access to a tonne of stuff.

Mobogenie lets you download free songs, movies, and pictures, as well as a huge number of apps. This data may even be rapidly transferred and backed up. Some of the app’s flaws may be that it has a small library and can’t recognize some smartphones. Mobogenie is a fantastic utility all around.

8. App Brain

App Brain

You may download a selection of paid apps for free from App Brain’s library.  Through the App Brain website and app, you can download many apps, especially paid apps. The main goal of the App Brain is to provide Android developers with success and a path.  Therefore, if you work as a developer, you may advertise on AppBrain and profit from the programs you create. You can discover some commercial apps for free on App Brain because this is the first site that developers use to test their software.

With a few exceptions, App Brain contains almost all of the apps from the Google Play Store and other sources.  You must first establish and register an account with App Brain before you can use the service.  You may download any application you want after registering. Even though the interface and navigation are easy to use, the game part could be made stronger, updated, and improved to better meet user needs. Through its website and App Brain, App Brain provides access to its catalog.

9. APK Pure

APK Pure

For Android users, APK Pure is yet another Google Play Store alternative.  It provides an excellent assortment of apps across various genres. A simple user interface and nice design and navigation are included.  On this platform, users may also download games and apps that are quite large—more than 2GB in size—like Call of Duty and PUBG.  Even necessary tools like Gmail and Google Maps are accessible. This source also includes a program called APK Updater, which makes sure that all of your currently installed applications are routinely updated without experiencing any technical difficulties.

10. Slide Me

Slide Me
Similar to Mobogenie and Aptoide is Slide Me.  You may download a number of office-related programs from this source, including WPS Office, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. Slide me may also be used to update programs that have previously been downloaded and installed on your smartphone from any other alternative.  The size of the Slide Me app is really tiny, and it doesn’t take up much room on your phone’s storage. The app has a good selection of games and other useful apps for Android users.

The Slide Me app may be downloaded for free from its website by following the directions on the home page.  To keep up with new developments, you must often check the main page. One of the biggest complaints about this platform is that it can only be used with older Android phones. This option could also be helpful for app developers who want users to be able to use and enjoy their Android apps.

11. Yalp Store

Yalp Store
Another excellent alternative to the Google Play Store alternative for getting applications from other play shops without actually using the Google Play Store is the Yalp Store. This software doesn’t require you to register for an account.  It is present and available for use.  Basic app information, such as the number of downloads, the date of launch, the name of the developer, etc., is provided by the Yalp store.

The Yalp store may be accessed straight from its main website; there is no need to download a separate app for it. But it isn’t as well-known as other Google Play Store alternatives because it has a user interface that looks a bit old.

12. Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung Galaxy Apps
After the Google Play Store alternative, Samsung’s own app store, branded Galaxy Applications, is the most trustworthy and reliable site for obtaining apps.  Since Samsung is a respected brand in the technological industry, you can rely on Galaxy applications to be a decent alternative. This software is frequently pre-installed on Samsung phones, and consumers adore it! A great choice for Samsung users is Galaxy Apps.
The navigation and user interface are both quite good. It is the safest choice because it is backed by the well-known Samsung brand.

In addition to the apps that are made available to you, several themes, ringtones, wallpapers, and fonts are available. The Galaxy Store’s user interface is quite attractive and offers a variety of skins.  It’s a fantastic alternative app store for Android customers using Samsung smartphones. Despite the aforesaid advantages, Galaxy Apps are not particularly well-liked due to their glaring drawback—they are exclusively accessible to Samsung customers. Also, most applications cost a lot of money, which makes it hard for many people to buy them.

13. AC Market

AC Market
The AC Market includes enormous collections of applications and games, just like Aptoide and GetJar.  The Google Play Store alternative, AC Market, offers more than a million games and applications. There are both premium and free apps in the AC Market.  By hacking premium applications, they mostly provide free copies of them.
The Google Play Store does not provide numerous payment alternatives for premium apps as the App Store does.  Any Android device, even desktop computers, may simply visit the AC Market website. They advertise themselves as safe place to download apps because they test most of the programs they host. For improved user comprehension, the AC market supports more than 20 different languages.  Since it is so responsive when it comes to downloading from there, the app store’s performance is in no way disappointing.

They have a friendly community and support system to help you with all of your FAQs and other questions. The biggest problem or limitation with this source is that users can’t rate or review applications. Many customers have also expressed concern about how frequently AC Market crashes, which negatively impacts the battery life of their mobile devices.

14. Opera Mobile Store

Opera Mobile Store
When Opera Mobile first debuted, it was a web browser.  However, they have now launched the Opera Mobile Store, their own app store. Opera is getting more and more popular across all mobile spectrums as a result of how well its services do in the market. This is yet another dependable and secure alternative to the Google Play Store which offers a number of premium games for nothing.  The web design is excellent, and the interface is simple.  In addition to the programs, music may be downloaded.  One such alternative offers browser support in addition to its store for mobile applications.

Because the app store for Opera Mobile just launched and many users are unaware of it, it is not particularly well-liked by consumers.  It may become a strong Google Play Store alternative in the upcoming years It is a great choice for developers that want to publish their apps on the Android market.

15. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle
Humble Bundle wasn’t introduced as an app store at an earlier stage, just like the previous alternative Opera mobile store.  At first, some people who paid premium fees used it as a platform for playing online games. They just began enabling users to download games and applications.  Since it contains a tonne of thrilling games that aren’t on the Google Play Store alternative, Humble Bundle is the same location for gamers.

The fact that Humble Bundle mostly concentrates on games and pays scant attention to non-gaming applications is one of the factors that makes it a poor alternative to the Google Play store.  It is a center for downloading different kinds of games rather than a decent app store.

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