15 Best Popular Google Doodle Games You Can Play in 2022

popular google doodle games

Google has published countless doodles honouring various occasions over the years.  The company that runs the search engine has sometimes gone above and beyond what we expected by making many fun doodle games. You may still play some of the top popular Google Doodle games that we’ve compiled here. A game is one of the best ways to pass the time on a computer.  If you need to unwind for a moment or are having a coffee break, check out a good selection of well-liked popular Google Doodle games.

Some games have the advantage of not requiring any registrations, instals, or specialised browser add-ons.  Look out for these entertaining popular Google Doodle games if you’re ready to take a break from your worksheet or analysis right now (listed in no particular order).

15 Best Popular Google Doodle Games You Can Play in 2022

The majority of all popular Google Doodle games may be done in a few minutes, making them great diversionary activities for boredom or on the walk home.  There is no specific sequence to the list that follows.  You may also read our other article on some interesting Google Easter Eggs. The following are a few of Google’s top popular google doodle games over the years.  All of these are still playable by visiting the URLs below or the popular Google Doodle games archive.  By doing some research, you can find the popular Google Doodle games you want to play.

1. Doctor Who

Doctor Who

This is most popular Google Doodle games celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, you have to take charge of your surroundings to win. Decide on your character first, and then plan how to get them to the objective.  Choose a location along the trail where you wish to go.  In order to reach the objective and dodge the nasty individuals trying to get you, you might need to pull a lever. Make your way through each letter level as quickly as you can to spell “Google.”

2. Champion Island Games

Champion Island Games

In Champion Island Games, explore an island full of sporting mini-games, including table tennis, skating, and rock climbing. Explore the island with the arrow keys and use the space key to interact with things and people.  In games, you control the game using the same keyboard keys.  As a cat that only wants to have fun, join a team, meet fascinating opponents, and perfect your talents in sporting games. Your ultimate objectives are mini-game victories, champion elimination, and sacred scroll acquisition.

3. Halloween 2020

Halloween 2020

This game from Magic Cat Doodle Academy is a fiendishly entertaining sequel to one they made for Halloween in 2016. You’re a cat being assaulted by ghosts once more.  To destroy the ghosts, draw the symbols that are displayed over their heads using your mouse or touchpad.  For a joyful Meow-loween, you receive points for every ghoul you dispatch successfully. Be cautious.  Instead of nine lives, this cat only has five!  If you enjoy playing eerie games like this, have a look at our selection of the top Halloween games.

4. Quick, Draw

Quick, Draw

Sharpen your drawing abilities for a fun game of Quick Draw. You’ll need to draw each of the six photos within 20 seconds, one at a time. This is most popular Google Doodle games As you draw each one, the “neural network” will try to infer what you are drawing.  Do your best, but move quickly, as you’ll be asked to draw everything from a snake to a bulldozer! When you’re done, you’ll see both your drawings and those that were accurately predicted.
Then, for some social love, you may post your work on Facebook or Twitter.

5. Baseball


This is most popular Google Doodle games baseball challenge, yet another well-liked Google Doodle game, is popular regardless of your level of sports fandom. Attempt to hit a home run by stepping up to the plate and waiting for the pitch.  Popcorn boxes serve as the fans, lemonade and ice cream cones as the batters and peanuts as the other team.  This all contributes to a fun day at the ballpark. See how many runs you can accumulate before being declared out. Be cautious of that curveball!

6. Pangolin Love

Pangolin Love

A charming platformer called Pangolin Love was released in honour of Valentine’s Day 2017. To roll your pangolin and jump over obstacles, use the arrow keys and space bar, respectively. This is most popular Google Doodle games  While navigating this beautiful quest to discover the meaning of love, you gather musical notes for a love song and blooms for a bouquet. Travel to other places, such as China and the Philippines, but be sure to have pleasure in the voyage.

7. Pony Express

Pony Express

You’ll mount up and gather mail to commemorate the Pony Express’ 155th birthday, which was in 2015. To collect the envelopes in Pony Express, use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard.  This is most popular Google Doodle games Just watch out for the various hazards on your route, such as boulders, rivers, and trees. Try to gather as much mail as you can using the Pony Express.

8. Basketball


This is most popular Google Doodle games basketball to see how many free throws you can make in 24 seconds. To fire each shot, use the space bar.  Perfectly holding and releasing the key requires some practice.  Once you do, though, you’ll make every shot and score heavily.

9. Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnomes

Who doesn’t enjoy watching gnome throws?  You’ll throw your gnome as far as you can in this Garden Gnomes game. This is most popular Google Doodle games To begin, choose a vibrant gnome from the collection.  To launch and then let go of the gnome, hit the Space key twice.  As your gnome soars in the air, keep your fingers crossed that it will bounce farther and watch the numbers grow the higher it soars. How far can a gnome be thrown?  There is only one way to learn!

10. Coding for Carrots

Coding for Carrots

This is most popular Google Doodle games Coding for Carrots, you play a rabbit in quest of those sweet orange sweets. By positioning the directional indicators in the tray, you hope to lead the bunny to each carrot.  The important thing is to put the marks in the right sequence.  Similar to coding, you’ll use arrows, turns, and loops, which are all parts of a broader process.  Play to make your bunny jump through each entertaining level. During National Computer Science Education Week, Coding for Carrots was developed.  The game commemorates the introduction of kid-friendly programming languages 50 years ago.

11. Ludwig van Beethoven Puzzle

Ludwig van Beethoven Puzzle

With a challenging musical challenge, honour Ludwig van Beethoven’s magnificent compositions. Drag each shattered sheet music fragment to its proper location. The music will start once all the components are in position. This is most popular Google Doodle games  If they are positioned correctly, you will see a green checkmark; if they are not, you will see a red X.  Prior to placement, you may also listen to the individual components. While solving each problem and taking in a couple of your favourite Beethoven works, swap the pieces around.

12. Cricket


This is most popular Google Doodle games Another well-liked Google Doodle pits snails against insects in a fun game of cricket. Take out your paddle and enter the cricket field.  You’ll score a lot if you make a long shot.  As many times as you can before the ball is caught, hit a short shot and sprint between the wickets.  Find out how much you can score prior to missing a shot. In honour of the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, Google made this fun Doodle game.

13. Pac-Man


In the classic Pac-Man game, eat the dots before the ghosts get you. You go around the maze while eating dots in this Google Doodle Pac-Man game, just like you remember.  Use your arrow keys to travel around and dodge the ghosts, use your arrow keys. This is most popular Google Doodle games Along with the fruit, you’ll also notice the power pellets from the 1980s retro arcade game. To commemorate Pac-Man’s birthday, the game was made.  If you’re looking for anything comparable, browse the websites that provide free online vintage games.

14. Swing Dancing at the Savoy Ballroom

14. Swing Dancing at the Savoy Ballroom

This is most popular Google Doodle games Relive the Swing Era at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, New York City. By tapping the key at the appropriate moment, you can keep time with the song.  Keep an eye on the musical note’s trajectory, and be prepared to push the key as soon as it does.  As you maintain time with the large band song, you keep scoring. Keep your focus on the tune and try not to be sidetracked by the dancers.

15. Loteria


Celebrate Loteria, a popular card game in Mexico. In this online game, you compete against four other players until a winner is chosen. Search through your cards for the same one as each photo card is presented.  Put a bean on the card if you have it.
Whether it’s an entire row or all four corners, your objective is to make the pattern visible.  When someone fits the pattern, the game is over. Loteria is a game of chance that is similar to bingo if you haven’t played it before.

Final Words

Here we go!  Which of these well-liked popular google doodle games is you most eager to play?  Check out our list of the greatest popular google doodle games you can play directly in your browser.

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