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There are numerous social media networks outside of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  One of these less popular options is Tumblr, which is a microblogging and social networking site with a loyal following.  However, there have been significant and controversial policy changes recently.  Several admirers are already switching to other Tumblr Alternatives applications as a result of this.

For people who are unfamiliar with the platform, Tumblr Alternatives is a place where you can publish short blogs using images, videos, and text.  In accordance with your choices, you might also follow other blogs.  Additionally, you can control your own blog from a simple dashboard.

15 Best Tumblr Alternatives Check Out in 2022 – BuzzTech

In addition to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, there are more social media platforms.  One of those less popular options is Tumblr, a microblogging and social networking service with its own followers.  Here is a list of the top 12 sites like Tumblr Alternatives.


How Would I Want to Find a Tumblr Alternatives?

Tumblr Alternatives has seen a significant transformation in the years since Verizon Media purchased it, as we have reported.  Stricter content moderation and a complete prohibition on anything NSFW are two of these measures.  This is a major reason to stop using Tumblr if you wish to read material on diverse themes of interest without any restrictions.

You might want to give another platform a try because there are countless websites on the internet, many of which offer similar material to Tumblr. We wrote this guide to help you find good Tumblr Alternatives that meet your needs.

What Qualities Should Tumblr Alternatives Have?

Since Tumblr is a platform where you may create and interact with a wide range of posts, diversity of material is the first thing you should look for. If the alternative has a home feed where you can choose which posts to see based on your preferences, that is something else to think about. Last but not least, you might want to choose an alternative that doesn’t ban this kind of content, since Tumblr’s decision to do so was met with a lot of backlashes. Here are the top sites like Tumblr Alternatives where you may post unique material and read blogs about topics you’re interested in.

1. WordPress


One of the open-source, cost-free Tumbler substitutes that are popular among bloggers and other writers with an impact is WordPress.  It comes with a PHP content management system and a strong library of themes and plugins.  You may also design your own domain name using this tool.

2. Reddit 


Reddit is regarded as the front page of the Internet and is yet another Tumblr alternative for sharing information.  It is an American website that provides users with a platform with news, conversations, online content, and ratings, as well as postings made by other users in the form of words, videos, links, and photographs.
Members take part in their particular interest forums, post content, and talk to each other through their shared passions and interests.  /r/AskReddit is the most popular link with the most subscribers, followed by /r/gaming.

3. Medium 


One of the best Tumblr replacements is Medium, particularly as a blogging site.
It is renowned for its top-notch standard writing, material that is read by millions of people worldwide, page views, traffic, and connectivity with people. Since it started in 2014, Medium has been on a crazy mission to reach every reader with its long, thought-provoking, and simple content.

4. Ghost


Ghost is a well-known open-source Tumblr alternative among authors and content producers.  It gives freelance journalists and authors the best open-source tools, which makes it the best platform for professional publication.  With its free core application, it has conducted business with small and big editorial and writing teams. As a publisher, you can build your business, focus on marketing, and promote your brand, all while making and developing your own content.

5. Pinterest


Pinterest is an American social networking site that is similar to Tumblr. Like Tumblr, it lets users post photos of whatever interests them and put these photos into collections, collages, and different profiles.  People watch and read this kind of content because of its creativity, ideas, facts, and deep knowledge. Pinterest is similar to Tumblr in that it is a visual-based website where you can post links, photos, videos, messages, and other things.

6. Blogger


WordPress and Tumblr are alternatives to Blogger by Google.  It is well-liked by bloggers and writers who primarily seek a user-friendly, straightforward, and SEO-based publishing platform for their written work. You can create up to one hundred posts using its web-based post editor, which is similar to WordPress’s.

7. Soup 


Soup is a microblogging and social networking site that may be used as a Tumblr Alternatives.  Soup’s UI is interactive and provides publishing capabilities, much like Tumblr.  You may also import content from social media websites like Facebook and Reddit. By choosing the “auto-post” option, you can send your posts from Soup to Facebook right away.

8. PostHaven


For postings of photographs, videos, documents, and music, PostHaven serves as a Tumblr Alternatives.  It’s like Tumblr Alternatives in that you can share your work and make sure it stays safe.  As a publisher, you should focus on making, editing, and putting out your work as smoothly as possible.  With PostHaven, writing, uploading, and sharing content with the world is simple and frictionless.
Options for sharing and leaving comments are available and simple to use.  You should simply concentrate on the information for your report.  Its theme is straightforward, so there aren’t any unnecessary advertisements or spam messages.

9. Mastodon


Mastodon is popular, user-friendly Tumblr alternatives that provide a decentralized, open-source website.  You may think of Mastodon as being similar to Twitter, much like the blogging sites.  It lets you publish, looks at your opinions, follows interesting people, gets followers, and does other things.  Another choice is uploading and reposting.

10. DeviantArt


DeviantArt is an online gallery that showcases photography, digital art, and filmmaking, much like Tumblr Alternatives does.  When you publish content, it is referred to as a “deviation” in this context.

11. Twitter


Twitter is a microblogging and social networking site that is similar to Tumblr Alternatives.  Twitter provides a vertical news feed, similar to Tumblr.  Other users’ posts (tweets) will appear on your home feed.  You can tweet, retweet with or without content, leave a remark, follow people, like their tweets, and follow people back.  Twitter only differs in that you can only tweet a certain number of characters.

12. Pillowfort


There is a brand-new blogging platform available.  One of the top 15 Tumblr alternatives is Pillowfort, a community hub for fans and artists to connect and exchange content.  For a $5 one-time registration fee, you may share your passions, interests, and fandoms.

13. Dreamwidt


Dreamwidth is a free Tumblr Alternatives that is open source.  If you enjoy art or have a creative mind, it is perfect for you.  In its lively community, which has interactive community channels, you can find and talk to other people. Even better, you can follow them to stay up to date on their latest news.

14. Squarespace


A similar professional website, online store, and portfolio are available through Squarespace, a for-profit Tumblr Alternatives that enables you to express your uniqueness and make ideas come to life.  It is an excellently attractive image-based website.

15. Webflow


Webflow is one of the best alternatives to Tumblr Alternatives, and it uses a classic content management system.  Through the SaaS-based web editing platform, software as a service can be used to host and make websites.  You may use it to create, launch, and expand the website.

Final Words

There are probably not many websites now that can rival what Tumblr Alternatives offered in its early iterations.  Reddit is the best of these sites.  Users may contribute some of their own material to the community, and it offers them a selection of things to watch with little to no limitations. It is true that new users would need to first fulfill some time-based conditions, such as having an account that is at least a month old.
If you can get over that, though, you’ll find a tonne of groups depending on your interests and a tonne of active members to interact with.

There are also a number of other websites that work in a similar way to Tumblr Alternatives, so this list isn’t complete.  You may recommend more websites in the comments section below if you think they should be added to our list of the top Tumblr alternatives. While you’re here, why not look into some of the alternatives to other well-known websites like Facebook, Twitter, Houseparty, and TikTok?

FAQs About Tumblr Alternatives

What caused Tumblr to fail?

After Verizon Media bought Tumblr, the website got new, stricter rules that made illegal a lot of content that had been allowed before. This didn’t sit well with the user base, and Tumblr eventually lost a lot of traffic as a result.

Is Tumblr still popular?

Even with all the changes to the rules, Tumblr is probably still used by people whose content consumption wasn’t really affected.

What should I use in place of Tumblr?

Reddit is a website that works and has users in the same way that Tumblr does. It has practically all content genres, and you may share some of your own posts with its large user base.

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