How To Use Water Eject Shortcut On iPhone? 2022

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If you bring your iPhone to a shower or a place with a lot of water, such as a swimming pool, it may become wet inside.  The speaker is not waterproof, unlike the majority of iPhones, which can be submerged in water.  Water can enter the speaker grille and damage your gadget if it does.  Fortunately, the iPhone features a water eject shortcut that allows you to create a low-frequency sound to assist in evacuating the water droplets directly out of the speaker grille.  The removal of water from your phone using the water eject shortcut on your iPhone through Siri or the home screen will be covered in this article. It might be a nightmare if water gets inside your iPhone’s speaker grilles, but there is a way to get it out.  Get rid of surplus liquids from your iPhone by using this straightforward eject shortcut.

The water eject shortcut on the iPhone enables users to drain water from the speaker grill of their smartphone.  If you take your phone to the shower or unintentionally drop it in the water, this function may come in handy.  iPhone typically withstands water and continues to function normally.
For the speaker, though, the same is not true.  To get your iPhone’s speakers to function properly, you might need to evacuate water from the speaker grill.

How To Use Water Eject Shortcut On iPhone? 2022

In order for them to work, the eject shortcut sends out a low-frequency sound that makes water come out of the speaker grill. The Apple Watch series was the inspiration for this feature, which lets users drain water from the speakers. This post will assist you in learning how to use the Siri water eject shortcut to remove water from your iPhone.  This post will go through how to use the Siri eject shortcut to expel water from your iPhone.

You may add it to your iPhone’s home screen and immediately access it whenever you need to because it is a Siri Shortcut.  Low-frequency noises are played by the Eject shortcut to force liquids out of your iPhone’s speaker.  Be aware that this is an untrusted shortcut and that you must allow untrusted shortcuts on your iPhone before using it. Follow the steps below to load the eject shortcut, and then go to Settings > Shortcuts and choose to Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.

How to Use a Siri water eject shortcut?


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Direct Siri voice commands may be used to activate the Eject water shortcut.  Use the Siri shortcut to evacuate the water by following the instructions.

  • Click this link to visit the Shortcuts Gallery website, then select Get Shortcut.
  • Once there, select the Add Shortcut option to access the Shortcuts app.  Your iPhone shortcut library will receive it.
  • Say “Hey Siri, Water Eject” right now.  A shortcut will be opened by Siri.
  • If you repeat the command “Water Ejection,” Siri will turn up the volume to its highest setting and make a brief low-frequency sound.
  • At the conclusion, there will be a notice sound.

You may add the Siri shortcut to your home screen so that you can use it whenever you want because it is a Siri shortcut.  You may ask Siri to run Water Eject if you want to get to it much more quickly.  By doing this, Siri will immediately remove the water from your iPhone.

How Do I Use a Home Screen Icon to Eject Water?

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You may add the Water Eject shortcut to your home screen by following the instructions below if you don’t want to keep using the Shortcut app.

  • Go to the Shortcut app if you have previously saved the aforementioned Eject shortcut.
  • The Eject Shortcut will display a drop-down menu when you long touch it.
  • After selecting Details, tap Add to Home Screen.
  • You will get a preview of the icon.  Select Add.
  • Click on the symbol on your home screen to start ejecting water.
  • The procedure will begin over when you click Begin Water Ejection.  At the conclusion, there will be a notice sound.

How to Eject Water Using a Website or App from a Third Party?

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Given that the Water Eject shortcut is a third-party shortcut, you might not want to provide it access to your device.  To remove water from your phone without downloading a shortcut or app, try the approach shown below.

  • Visit FixMySpeakers’ website.
  • The large white button with the water emoji within should be tapped.
  • Until you stop it, a low-frequency sound will begin to play.
  • To turn off the sound, press the button once more.

How to Quickly Drain Water from Your iPhone

water eject shortcut

Using the Siri shortcut, here is how you can remove water from your iPhone.  When you do this, the water dripping from the speaker grill will be visible.  Be aware that only water-resistant phones may use this function.  You must manually install this function on your iPhone because Apple does not already provide it.  You may use this function on your iPads in addition to your iPhones.


Does the iPhone water eject shortcut work?

The “Water Eject” shortcut does really remove water splashes from the speaker on all iPhones.

What does the Water Eject shortcut do?

By making a low-frequency sound, the Water Eject shortcut clears the water droplets from your phone’s speaker.

Where is the water eject shortcut?

As explained above, the Water Eject shortcut can be downloaded from the Shortcuts Gallery website and added to the iPhone’s Shortcut app. The shortcut app on the iPhone may be used to reach it.

How can I remove water from an Android device?

People with Android devices can try out similar methods by downloading apps like FixMySpeakers or Super Speaker Cleaner.  Additionally, these applications produce a low-frequency sound that seeks to force the water droplets away from the speakers.

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