12 Best Websites to Watch Series & TV Shows Online 2022

websites to watch series

Also, with the development of the internet, watching TV no longer requires owning a television or paying for a cable subscription.  In 2022, a lot of websites to watch series will provide free online TV program streaming. Since you’ve got me, let me just say that the old websites to watch series aren’t functioning right now.  But we offer the perfect substitute that will make your day wonderful!  Continue reading to learn more about the top website to watch series that may provide the same function as the websites to watch series. We’ve listed all the best Watchseries alternatives in this post so you can satisfy your inner movie geek and watch all your favorite episodes on the move!

But not all of them are authorized.  Some websites to watch series try to trick you into paying for something you don’t want, while others try to get you to add suspicious extensions to your browser. For this reason, I have put together a list of the top websites to watch series where you can watch TV series for free and legally.

12 Best Websites to Watch Series & TV Shows Online 2022

“We’ve got good news,” as we stated,  So, so here we are!  To satisfy your movie craving, it contains all the same TV series and films. Additionally, setting up a reliable VPN like NordVPN has turned into a necessity for everyone viewing their preferred material online. Using a VPN to stream gives you access to content that isn’t available in your country and lets you get around restrictions. It also protects you from hackers.

Check out all 12 websites to watch series that will satisfy all of your entertainment needs with the most recent series and movies without faltering for people who still want to know about their other selections in the event that the currently functioning connection is once more disabled. Here is a full list of great websites to watch series to content that you might want to try at least once for the best entertainment:

1. Putlocker

Although this websites to watch series name is PutLocker, don’t be offended because it doesn’t actually install any locks; instead, it provides amazing web series and TV episodes for free. On Putlocker, you can watch interesting movies as well as TV shows and comedies. TheWatchSeries is a great substitute for Putlocker.  On this website, you may watch anything without spending a dime or wading through a tonne of reviews and advertisements, from the earliest classics to the most recent releases.

Putlocker has content to suit every mood, whether you want to watch comedies or sad, emotional movies. This websites to watch series, however, uses third parties to fulfill the same function and does not host any movies or series on its server. So, although you might have to click from one link to another, this website is incredibly user-friendly, simple to use, and most importantly, it is free.

2. SolarMovie


SolarMovie, one of the most well-known and well-liked websites to watch series for providing entertaining services for movies and series shows, is a great alternative to TheWatchSeries. Why else would it not be?  There are many enjoyable and well-liked TV shows and movies available on our website.  Additionally, Solarmovie offers everything for free.  In addition, using the website doesn’t even require you to register.

You may enter the website and, regardless of your mood for watching documentaries, cartoons, or even science fiction, you will always find what you want since it has everything covered. The steps to access these websites to watch series are likewise rather simple and clear.  Another reason it’s the ideal substitute for TheWatchSeries is that you may use this search bar to look for any movie or series that you want to watch.

3. Tubi

You may watch episodes on these websites to watch series that stream TV shows online without creating an account.  But if you want, Tubi lets you make a list of your favorite things to watch and then watch them again on different devices. With well-defined categories including TV Dramas, TV Comedies, Reality TV, and Crime TV, it features a tidy and uncluttered interface. Even though Tubi’s library of series is bigger than its library of TV shows, the series is still worth watching. High-quality streaming improves your watching experience while enabling device switching.

4. Popcornflix


You may watch free TV series online legally on Popcornflix, another free TV streaming service for 2021.  The best part is that you can watch TV episodes for free without registering. Just keep in mind to disable the adblocker before switching between streams. Popcornflix has a lot of original content, including action, comedy, drama, horror, sci-fi, and more. In total, there are more than 100 TV series on the site.
The nice aspect is that you can watch them on different devices.

The Adventures of Super Mario 3 Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, The Legend of Zelda, and other classic games are a must-play for 90s kids who want to relive their youth.
Additionally, there is a special “Staff Picks” section with a selection of the best-rated movies and TV series that everyone should watch.

5. Crackle


In 2021, you may watch TV series for free on Crackle, a websites to watch series that offers video entertainment.  This website is owned by Sony, so you can rely on its dependability and quality.  It provides an excellent selection of well-known television programs, like Seinfeld, Firefly, The Shield, and even anime. There are clear categories for the information, and there is a search function to help you find more.

The best thing is that Crackle offers free Android and iOS apps to watch TV series online, and there is no restriction on how many TV movies you can watch.  Additionally, you may stream episodes to other devices, such as Android TV or smart TVs.  Even if there are some ads in the videos, it is entirely legal to watch them.

6. Hotstar


Hotstar, which mostly caters to Indian customers, is well-known for its inexpensive access to HBO series and cricket streaming.  However, the subscription also provides free access to Indian TV networks, including Star Plus, Like OK, and Star Bharat, making it a fantastic choice for fans of Hindi television.  You may also watch TV networks in regional languages.

In addition to the standard TV networks, this websites to watch series for free online TV viewing also offers programming from National Geographic, Channel V, FOXLife, and a few more series, like Masterchef, Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai, Malgudi Days, and Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.  As I said earlier, you may select the subscription plan for merely Rs. 999/year if you want to stream more stuff.

7. Retrovision


The top websites to watch series in 2021 to watch free vintage TV series is Retrovision.  The best thing is that, if you’re interested, it also has a fantastic selection of older films.  As a result, downloading and watching free TV shows that are offered on this site is entirely legal because the content is in the public domain.

All of the programs are listed on one page, and it’s easy to move around on the websites to watch series. Retrovision provides a wide variety of programs that are directly from the 1950s and 1960s, from Sherlock Holmes to Star Trek. In fact, it has a great collection of old cartoons for kids, such as Popeye and Superman.

8. Internet Archive

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine is probably known to many of you as a way to browse offline web pages and trace the history of websites to watch series.  Unexpectedly, it also includes a selection of old recorded TV shows, official videos, TV documentaries, event material, etc.  This free TV website may not look very appealing, but it includes all the necessary filters, including those for years, themes, creators, languages, etc.

9. Yidio


You may watch a certain show on third-party websites to watch series by visiting Yidio, which is basically an aggregator of free TV streaming websites.  And it is unnecessary to speculate that many of those hosts have a cost.  To stream free TV series online in 2021, there is a distinct area. Episodes from well-known programs like Rick and Morty, Grey’s Anatomy, Two and a Half Men, The Flash, Gotham, etc. are included.  The free listings aren’t always correct, and some of them could just feature short bits rather than whole episodes, so I’ve ranked Yidio lower on this list as a result.

10. CW TV


On its websites to watch series, the CW Network offers some of its material for free streaming.  The Flash and Arrow are just a couple of the superhero movies available on this platform.  Check out The Originals or Supernatural if you’re interested in watching supernatural dramas. On this free TV series streaming website, the content is restricted, and many of the episodes are taken down after a while. But the quality of the videos as a whole is great, and the streaming is pretty fast compared to other sites.

11. CW Seed

CW Seed

You must go to the CW Seed section of the CW TV website.  I can promise you that these websites to watch series are entirely legal and that you may view any free TV series that are housed on it at any time, despite the name, which makes it sound a little bit criminal. The unexpected thing is that CW Seed’s website lacks any CW-related content.  Instead, it is the setting for several must-watch original Web series and DC animation series.

12. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV really functions like a standard television, letting you browse channels to find what appeals to you.  There are several channels available on this free TV program streaming websites to watch series where you may watch daily soap operas, sports, news, and more.  Use this directory to see all the listings in one location.

Comedy, entertainment, leisure, movies, music, and even curiosity, which includes stations like Science TV and NASA TV, all have their own areas.  The only drawback is that you can only watch content that is currently accessible whether you choose to watch it on a smart TV, mobile device, or personal video recorder.

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