15+ Best Youtube Proxy Sites to Unblock Youtube 2022

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Comparing YouTube to other websites with a large number of videos is without a doubt amazing. In recent years, YouTube has grown significantly in popularity, attracting the attention of many users from all over the world.  It was first built by ex-PayPal employees, but Google, Inc. eventually claimed it.  Many colleges and universities block YouTube to keep their students and staff from getting distracted. In the unlikely event that you are one of the people looking for YouTube intermediates and using proxy services to youtube proxy, you have come to the right spot.
Here is a list of the top proxy sites for unblocking YouTube proxy.

The internet is not as cost-free as it might appear.  Some websites are blocked from users’ access due to censorship that is imposed by governments and internet service providers.  Some websites are blacklisted by ISPs for various reasons, while others are geo-restricted.  However, there are several methods you can use to access restricted websites. To access websites that are blocked in your area, you can use proxy sites, VPNs, or private DNS servers. There are many videos that are blocked in some places. If you’re having trouble viewing YouTube, we may be able to help you with youtube proxy material so you can watch your preferred videos without any limitations. The free YouTube proxy websites listed below can be used to access YouTube even if it is blocked in your area.

15+ Best Youtube Proxy Sites to Unblock Youtube 2022

YouTube proxy may be unblocked in a variety of ways, but the simplest method is to use online YouTube proxy services. On the internet, there are several proxy sites that act as youtube proxy Unblockers.  We have assured you that each of them is up and running as of right now, despite the fact that this is not in any specific order.  In this article, we’ve included some of the top proxy sites and examined the compilation of the top free proxy servers list. Without IP addresses, communication between two connected devices will be challenging, regardless of whether it is PC to PC, PC to server, or any other design.  Although the method is relatively immediate, there are certain limitations.  In this post, we will tell you all about the top intermediaries to youtube proxy.

1. NinjaCloak – Best Youtube Proxy

NinjaCloak – Best YouTube Unblocker

NinjaCloak is one of the free web proxies that lets us access our favorite websites that are blocked at colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. On the NinjaCloak landing page, you will see a box where you can type the URL of the site we will youtube proxy. In that container, type www.youtube.com to instantly access YouTube.  Additionally, it offers the option of using or not using cookies.

2. Anonymouse


An electronic proxy service called Anonymouse gives us the opportunity to browse the web covertly.
To youtube proxy with Anonymouse, go to the site and type the YouTube URL into the box on the landing page.
To access YouTube, use the enter key. It has been helping people for the past 14 years, making it one of the oldest proxy websites.

3. Zend Proxy

Zend Proxy

By acting as a middleman between us and the internet, ZendProxy encourages us to browse the internet covertly.
There are a few options available, including “Encode URL,” “Expel Scripts,” “Allow Cookies,” and “Evacuate Objects.”
Prior to pressing Input, we should first enter the URL of the site that will be unblocked and then select our preferred option.

4. ProxySite – Best Youtube Proxy


The proxy site turns out to have built-in connections to well-known websites on the Internet, which greatly simplifies our tasks. Simply click on the link to YouTube to quickly be sent to the YouTube homepage if access to YouTube is blocked at your school, college, or other institution.

5. UnBlock – Best Youtube Proxy

UnBlock Youtube Free

This proxy is a rare creation, developed specifically to youtube proxy in restricted areas. The URL for YouTube will already be entered in the input field; all you need to do is touch the “GO” button to access the banned YouTube. Here is a list of some other proxy websites that have been linked to a website like this one.
They will all function without a hitch.

6. YouTube Free Proxy

YouTube Free Proxy

Incredible free YouTube proxy. You can simply use this proxy site to proxy bread and margarine.  With bread and spread, it offers most of the standard proxy functionality with an excellent user interface that isn’t overpowering.

7. Zalmos Web Proxy

Zalmos Web Proxy

For people who primarily wish to access locations that are open to everyone and are not in any way geo-diverse, Zalmos Web Proxy is a candidate. It features quick access connections to common locations. This website was undoubtedly designed for you if you ever find yourself trapped in class or at work and you’re itching to visit YouTube or you just need to search for something.

8. A to Z Proxy

A to Z Proxy

This is one of the best YouTube Proxy sites as well, aiding people all around the world by acting as a youtube proxy. You only need to visit the website and touch the “GO” button. You will then be able to access YouTube.  Using the same proxy site, you may also unblock another website. You only need to remove the URL for youtube.com from the information box to do that.

9. Hide My Ass – Youtube Proxy

Hide My Ass

TheBestProxy keeps a copy of every page that is viewed as often as possible on the server. As a result, TheBestProxy will provide the page faster than other proxy websites if a new client requests a webpage that is typically visited occasionally. You may be able to get to YouTube faster because it is also one of these popular sites.

10. Proxify


Proxify has a lot of intriguing highlights. In the screenshot below, you can see all of the options that the Proxify website has to offer. Using the “Proxify Satellite” button on the landing page, you can choose any proxy server from a list of several.

11. Whoer.net


Of most of these sites, whoer.net truly impressed us with regard to choice. Regarding servers, it is absolutely certain, and by servers, we mean a vast array of servers. A truly amazing middleman for youtube proxy.

12. Proxfree – Best Youtube Proxy


For individuals who require immediate assistance, Proxfree is a gift from heaven. It’s another easy way to youtube proxy. This intermediate site offers a really comprehensive list of servers to look into, which puts it at the top of our recommendations. However, what really brought us here is that it really shows the ping to everyone.

14. Hidester


One of the best intermediate servers, Hidester provides each client with SSL intermediary support. It may also be used to access blocked YouTube videos. It protects users from dangerous substances that might damage their computers. This website is quite popular and is regarded as the strongest free web intermediate available on the market.

15. Kproxy – Best Youtube Proxy


Kproxy is a simple-to-use intermediate server. Despite all this, it does the activity well and won’t mistake you for the majority of options, such as SSL, right away. Also, from our secret testing, we’ve learned that it surfs quickly and doesn’t usually need to be set up.

16. Megaproxy – Best Youtube Proxy


You only have the chance to observe the beautiful UI on the welcoming page, despite the fact that a significant portion of the websites included here has, to a great extent, elaborate user interfaces. Megaproxy is prompt in making sure that they concentrate more on what’s important rather than risking everything.

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